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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be prepared...

I'm going to make this quick because it's Saturday. And, frankly, you have better things to do than read this all day. The same may or may not be true for myself. But either which way...

For me, Saturday has waaaaaay more emphasis on comfort and function than anything else. And I don't think I'm too weird to feel that way. So I wanted to keep things neutral and blend in...not trying to start an attention-grabbing "my sweats are better than your sweats" contest. (Although, truth be told, I defy you to come up with more comfy sweats than mine, which are actually my husband's, but they're also mine because I'm a firm believer and frequent proclaimer to him that "what's yours is mine and mine is yours" especially when it comes to his comfy sweats. And sometimes his socks. And maybe the munchies that he brings down to the couch. And pretty much everything that he's got that I might want. Heh. Wife of the Year, baby. Right here.)

AAAAAANYwee. I started with the grey sweater this morning, because it fits the bill for neutral, comfortable, and functional. And it's warm. But the neck is a little blah, so I threw on a basic button-up underneath. I wanted to wear old jeans today because...because old jeans are like a woman's best friend.

Here's the dilemma, though. These old jeans, which were calling out to me today from the depths of my closet, are bootcut, and I wasn't in the mood for that. But I ignored myself and just did a big ol' comfy-cuff at the ankle. And some canvas houndstooth slipons. Add a bright yellow nylon belt because it felt kind of industrial. Like a toolbelt. And, hey, you never know when you'll be passing by a construction site where they need some help with something and you'll be totally qualified and capable because, hey, check out the heavy-duty belt.

Add some great messy braids (braids because my hair's too short for a cute topknot bun and messy because that's how they're going to look in 3 hours so I may as well make it look like I'm going for the look on purpose) and neutral bracelets because, actually, I really DON'T want to help out at any construction site today. I'm a girl, dangit. See these bracelets?

Happy Saturday.


Modest Fashion Sense said...

Love those shoes! super cute :)

heidi said...

i have a ridiculous affection for houndtooth.
and how in the world do you have a white couch and children? enquiring minds want to know.
and i want to wear what your little girl is wearng in that post below. presh.
and i DO plan on eating a pancake today, actually.

Brittney said...

Thanks, girls! I love me some houndstooth, too. Fo' realz.
Gross. Sorry.

@Heidi: White couch ownership with children isn't a big deal; we've just learned to provide meaningful and realistic incentives to our kids (i.e., "get that Sharpie out of here or die"). Piece o' cake. :)

Anonymous said...

I adore your hair here! So cute, and the headband is the perfect touch.

Julie said...

Once again, you do it. when will the outfits start repeating themselves?

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