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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a beautiful GIVEAWAY.

*This giveaway is now closed.*

A short while ago, the talented Siena from the beautifully unique etsy shop Burntsiena Designs sent me this bracelet (shown below). I've worn it loads since then (like here and in other outfits not yet blogged) and have a few words to say about this fabulous piece of jewelry. I. LOVE. it. I have no other bracelet like it, and I've already found it to be a perfect accessory to almost any outfit.

(So I'm not a George Constanza Hand Model. Get over it.)

Here's what I most especially love about this bracelet (and, frankly, every piece in Siena's shop): it's unique but not in-your-face, it's "earthy" yet sophisticated, it's muted yet colorful. I'm not kidding you, guys, every time I put it on, I feel a little more One-With-Nature...in an awesome way. Maybe it's the leather and turquoisey combo? the copper beads? the shell button clasp? I dunno. But I honestly can't get enough of it.

I'd wear the bracelet with outfits like these: (Yes, I plan outfits around a bracelet. You wouldn't? Odd...) (click to enlarge)

 So. Enough about me. Let's talk about you and why you care. Siena has generously offered one lucky-duck the chance to win this beautiful double-wrap bracelet:
Shown: Burmese Czech glass double wrap leather bracelet.

I wish my photos did it justice, guys (they don't, so check it out at the shop). It's absolutely beautiful--great earth tones, a double-wrap (!!!) of beading delight, and a triple-adjustable clasp for sizing. It's gorgeous, in a perfectly unique and simple way.

You could wear it with something like these (click to enlarge):

So. Here's what you do. It's super complicated, so pay attention. (ahem) Visit Siena's etsy shop. Leave a comment below telling me which other item(s) you especially like. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment.

The end. So hard, right? Right.

If you'd like more chances to win (which, if you're a living, breathing soul, I can't imagine you wouldn't), do the following and leave a separate comment for each:
(1) Follow this blog via GFC or bloglovin'.
(2) Post this giveaway on your blog. Leave the URL in your comment.
(3) Favorite Siena's shop on etsy.
(4) Do something nice for a stranger today and tell me about it. (You can do this one every day, leaving a separate comment for each day.)

Oh, and Siena generously offered A Day in the Life Too... readers a 15% discount on anything in the store. Yowzahs! Just enter the coupon code "CHERRYBLOSSOMS." Thanks, Siena!

Good luck, lovely friends!
Giveaway closes on Tuesday, April 12th at 9 p.m. MST.

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