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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Topic #1: Belts!

It's b-b-b-belt day, here at A Day in the Life Too...! Thanks to this question from Emily:
Can I wear a belt like that, on the outside of shirts and sweaters, when I DON'T have such a trim waist? I'd like to try it, but I'm afraid to draw any attention to my waist. Can it work?

Disclaimer: I'm no expert. But this'll be short, so...you're getting your money's worth. Which is a scary thing when "your money's worth" = $free$. But still. Here we go.

People can be very creative with belts. I'm fairly conservative, myself. The way I see it, a person has three main places to wear a belt: low waist/hips, waist, upper waist/high. The best place to wear a belt depends on (a) body type, (b) outfit, (c) belt width, and (d) belt style/color. Here are three examples of variations: wide belt worn lower, medium-width belt worn pretty much at the waist, and a skinny belt worn at the upper waist (although I've worn belts an inch or two higher up than this).

I'm 5'8" and have a rectangular build. My favorite belted looks for a boxy body type are a skinny/medium belt around mid-torso (creates the illusion of a waist) or a wider belt at the lower waist/hips (draws some attention to the place where hips should be).

For people who are curvier, belts are still great. A wide belt, mid-waist, can make your waist/stomach look slimmer (my research shows that matte belts, like leather, and darker colored ones are better for this kind of thing). (But you should experiment with lots of different widths/finishes/styles because it's fun AND helpful.)

And I read [Editor's note: Online, so it has to be accurate, right guys?...guys?...], although I have yet to try, that a belt with a different fastening (like one that widens or narrows) than the rest of the belt enhances the appearance of slimness. Hello. Yes, please.

Another good strategy is to wear belts lower on your torso or hips--even if you feel like you have a tummy. A wider belt is recommended, and it helps if the shirt/top you're wearing isn't skin tight. As in, you don't need to belt your bathing suit. [Editor's note: Told you you'd get your money's worth here...] If your shirt blouses out just a bit over the belt, all the better! Allsofasudden our "winter survival kits" (as I lovingly call my own tummy layers) look like thin air under a bloused shirt. Which is a beautiful thing.

Below are some thumbs-up beltage photos from cute bloggers who, in my opinion, know how to dress their bodies and use belts to flatter. I hope it's okay with them that I use them for examples. Heh. (Don't worry, I got approval for three of the four. And I'll send an apology gift to the fourth if she's mad at me.) Thanks again, ladies--fabulous beltage.

October 14 
(photo 1: Work With What You've Got)                                             (photo2: Painting the Air)
(Photo 3: Life According to Sherry)                                                               (Photo 4: all about aj)

So, that about wraps up my general thoughts on belting. Ooh, except if you're super thin: You should probably stick with proportionate belts (i.e., skinny belts, or medium width at the most), and you could probably wear them with anything and anywhere on your body and you'd still look minute. So. Good for you. And good for me for creating an enormous pile of candy wrappers right next to me as I type this... Dah well. A little tooth decay never hurt anyone, right? Right.

The end. I have no idea if this was (a) helpful, (b) interesting, or (c) lame. Regardless, if you want to try a new belted look, I'd love to see a pic! Email it to brittneynsmart[at]yahoo[dot]com. I do love a success story. Almost as much as an embarrassing one. As long as the embarrassing one doesn't involve myself and bodily fluids.

Happy Tuesday!

(p.s. Other, way more professional/helpful belting ideas are all over the place online if this brief belting guide doesn't quite do the trick. Which would be appalling, due to my aforementioned vast expertise.) 


Andie said...

this post is quite coincidental considering I spent 20 minutes trying on up to 5 different belts this morning. LOL

Great post!

Krista said...

I'm probably the one who didn't give permission beforehand except I did TRY to give you permission! But the email bounced back because it was to no-reply@blogger.whatever (I tried to reply to your comment on my blog, if that makes sense. If you want, you can link your email address to your comments so that when you comment on a blog, the author can just reply to the notification email and you will see their response to you! You can do it in your Blogger Profile where it says show email address). ANYWAY! Great post! Thanks for including my photo!

Brittney said...

Krista! I'm so sorry for the hassle!...I'm headed into blogger profile to do that right now. And thanks for giving the okay. :)

Emily said...

Thanks for answering my question. I will be brave and attempt a belt. I'll send you a photo if it goes well.

You're the BEST!

Julie said...

I've totally started wearing belts & even though I weigh a whole lotta pounds, everyone thinks I've lost weight. SOLD on the belt idea. I always wear them at my waist or above it & I wear every width belt.

Bonnie said...

Just found your blog and love it. I am excited for a post-prego body to spend money on! PS I returned my brown target flat boots and after seeing your super cute pics make me think I might go back and get them. :)

Tessa said...

The top middle look with the tall socks and boots is my favorite!! So cute.


Lydia Marie said...

I just discovered your blog and you are hilarious. I think this was a really good post on how to wear belts, I really only just started embracing them this past year.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Brittney said...

@Emily: I can't tell you how much I would love it if you really did send me a pic. I'm sure (truthfully) you will look fabulous. Can't wait!
@Julie: You TOTALLY have a great belt body, little miss hourglass. Seriously. I noticed that the last time we hung out.
@Bonnie: I love my boots! They're warm, which is nice for weirdos like me who wear skirts in uber cold weather...
@Tessa: I'm obsessed with those socks. They're actually thigh-highs, but they look like tights if I pull them up all the way, so I keep 'em slouchy around my knees. :)

Brittney said...

@Andie: Sorry I forgot to respond, but as soon as I read your comment, I kind of groaned for you. Oh the irony of the universe! Hope you found some good beltage this morning anyway.

Katri said...

Loved your post. Thought it was funny that I was just coming to your blog to let you know I finally belted a cardigan...haha.
I love belts :)

Pineapple said...

The thing about your blog is that the random suggestion of three posts at the bottom of each post takes up A LOT of my time. Because I enjoy each and every post, and then I see some other posts that I haven't read and think, "Hm. I think I'd like to read that one, too!" So I do. And I love them all.

But the point is, I went through a (literally) random maze of posts to get to this really-old (at least old in terms of how young both your blog and mine are) post about how to wear a belt. And man, do I feel like a fool for not having found this post sooner! It's completely helpful, and I've been trying to figure out exactly the things you addressed here for a few months. So thank you very, very much!

With lots of blog-love,

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