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Friday, January 28, 2011

a stay-at-home mom's take on "casual friday"

View the following photos with this song running through your hot little heads:
Most of these things are not like the others.
Most of these things just do-on't belong.
Can you tell which things are not like the others
By the time I finish this song?

shoes: converse all-stars. pants: gap. long-sleeved tee: american eagle outfitters. tee: old navy. belt: downeast outfitters. watch: target. necklace: gifted. awesome poses: one-of-a-kind original discontinued vintage. sorry.

 Today is totally Casual Friday at my house. Today is also the day where the words "casual" and "completely random" are synonymous. But...frankly? I love today's ensemble. Which is probably alarming to most of you. In fact, I'm seeing in my minds-eye a hasty retreat to thousands hundreds tens upon tens of computers' "back" buttons. Fair enough.

But for those of you still here (gold stars for you all):

Hi, I'm Brittney. I'm a stay-at-home mom of young kids, and I sometimes get my days mixed up. Mondays become Thursdays and Tuesdays are often dead-ringers for Wednesdays. This hasn't really been a problem until the past year or two, with my son now in school...he's probably the only kid in 1st grade who regularly shows up to gym class with his library book. (Remember my Mother of the Year plaque? It hasn't come yet, but I'm confident it will...)

But Fridays, my friends, are never mixed up. Fridays shine like a beacon in the night of the weekday...um...nights. A glowing lighthouse for all troubled waters to see.

Wow, you're saying to yourselves. She waxes poetic. Odd for someone who wears long-sleeved tees under graphic tees and pairs them both with plaid trousers. Or, probably you're actually saying to yourselves, What should I make for dinner? or It's true!! 'E' really DOES equal 'MC-squared'! [Editor's note: If your thoughts fall along the latter option, I'll quietly walk away right now, no questions asked, and I'll never trouble your superior mind again.]

Today's jumping-off point: Guess. Seriously, go back, look at the photos, and take a stab at what my jumping-off point was today. Anyone guess these pants? You win. Which is strange to me, because these pants are totally preppy/workwear (wide cuff and everything), whereas the layered tees are exactly opposite. What would you call today's look, anyway? Would you call it: Preppy-lawyers'-kid-who-excels-in-math-and-classic-violin-recitals-but-secretly-plays-the-bass-in-a-garage-band-while-her-boxer-puppy-lays-on-some-carpet-remnants-in-the-corner? No way! That's exactly what I thought, too! What are the odds? Because, really, that's pretty specific...

Anyway. The plaid in the pants is neutral enough that I paired them with a mid-scale graphic tee (long-sleeved under is strictly for warmth, but I like the color it adds). I love the fatty gold boyfriend watch with all this, as well as the blue Converse--a little Unexpected & Maybe Awesome. Overall, despite lots going on, this ensemble's colors are chunky and muted. 'Cept the belt. It adds a bit of whimsy, a pop of color, and a bit of a "huh?" factor. Triple dip.

Happy happy Friday!


Living Foxy said...

I love your casual friday and I love your boyfriend watch! I'm a new follower.

Come check out my blog:)

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Very cute, totally works all together (in my opinion). And how did you know I'm procrastinating figuring out what to make for dinner at this very moment? :)

I tagged you in a "Stylish Blogger Award" post- read the rules there if you want to play along by tagging seven more stylishbloggers.

HiFashion said...

An absolutely perfect look for casual friday! The trousers are amazing with the graphic tee. And together, they are perfectly paired with Converse.
Your style absolutely rocks!

Elissa said...

This is fantastic. I love those pants and I never, ever would have thought to pair them with that graphic tee and sneakers. You look amazing and fun! I continued to be inspired by your writing and personal style.


Jess said...

I want those pants real bad. & that last series of pictures is adorable!

Law Mama said...

I LOVE it! I wear my chucks fairly regularly, but you don't see them that often on fashion blogs. Glad someone else is wearing them! :)

Katie said...

LOVE this mix of preppy "dress up" pants with tees! And the converse! :)

Pineapple said...

I think this would (or should) count for Color Brigade if you post it on Tuesday. What is that, you say? What is it all about? I don't have many details, so you should go to the source.
(I like her posts. Hope you do, too!)

mk said...

you are SO CUTE, i love your poses!! crack me up. :)


Katri said...

I like it!
P.S. I wore my yellow pants!

laura said...

i love your look, especially those pants!

the blog of worldly delights

Martha said...

Totally adorable!!

*Ashley* said...

i actually really like that look! cute.

up for a challenge? O.C.T challenge at

Lizzy said...

Great outfit! I love the watch!!!

Biba said...

I totally love your Friday outfit!

Franca said...

i dont think this is weird at all! this is exactly the kind of outfit i used to wear a lot when i was a student! i have moved on to mainly skirts and so when my grey work style trousers died, i didnt replace them, but otherwise i totally still would!

Melissa said...

YOU are adorable! I totally love this because each piece is probably something that I WOULD wear (minus the sneakers, but I should probably get some) but I'd never put them all together - and yet, it WORKS! You look awesome!

MerciBlahBlah said...

This is the cutest casual Friday outfit I have seen in like, FOREVER. You have a serious case of The Cutes.

True story.


Ramsey said...

You are seriously the cutest mom! This looks like a catalogue!

H Rija said...

Cute outfit... I love the combination!!!

If you have time check out my blog at http://mylyfe-mystory.blogspot.com/

kileen said...

i love the plaid pants and i love all of your cute poses!!

cute and little
come join the Color Brigade!

My Heart Blogged said...

I love it because it reminds me of how I used to dress when I thought I was "punk", and you are wearing converse. Nothing wrong with casual fridays.
My Heart Blogged

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