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Thursday, August 25, 2011

product review: Layerwear Basics

 shoes: cato brand. tube skirt: layerwear basics. shirt: gap. sash: from this shirt. bracelet: hawaii.
A few days ago, I got this tube skirt in the mail from the nice people at Layerwear Basics. It.Is.Awesome. The fabric is of super high quality and thick, and the seaming and finishes are flawless; I feel like it'll last forever.

And I hope it does, because it's a perfect layering skirt. Being a tube skirt, it's obviously tighter around my hips and waist, so I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it with a shorter top. (You're welcome, Society-At-Large.) But I'm finding it to be a perfect balancing piece with longer tunic-style tops, especially flowy or more voluminous tops that work best paired with a smaller-scale bottom. Or a schoolboy blazer...wouldn't that be chic?

One thing about wearing this skirt is that, despite being fairly form-fitting (fine, let's be honest: "tight"), it's easy to move around in because it's stretchy. But, after walking my dog around the block in it (relatively brisk walking), I had to pull it down every block and a half or so. But I didn't have to do that just wearing it around the house; I'd reserve wearing this skirt for times that don't require a longer stride. Like jogging. Summary: Tube skirts aren't ideal for doubling as running skirts...

The waist of this skirt is fold-over...able (new word. use it in conversation this week to make yourself sound super smart.), which is nice for adjusting the skirt's length, which is in and of itself flattering and modest at the same time. Score. I can't wait until the weather cools off a bit to wear this with colored tights. Layerwear Basics offers this skirt (and other stuff) in a variety of colors, which is useful to coordinate it with whatever's already in your closet.
Below are some shirts I'd love to have and wear with this skirt. Some of these may or may not already be in my shopping carts across cyberworld. I'm click-happy awesome that way.
So, in a nutshell: as long as you're not heading out for a hike or marathon, I'd absolutely recommend this skirt based on its top quality, fit, and style. Check out the other products at Layerwear Basics

Happy Thursday.

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