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A 30-something mom's blog about modest style, DIY stuff, and limiting dessert. Just kidding. We eat dessert first around here.

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Modest Style Blogs

Below is a list of modest style blogs/sites/resources. Want to add your link to the list so that people can find you and be inspired by your modesty-is-hottest...y...ness? Sweet. Here's what you do (it's easy):

(1) Grab one of my buttons and put it on your blog.
(2) Email me (brittneynsmart [at] yahoo [dot]com) with your modest blog's URL.
(3) After verification of your blog, I'll add you to the list! Simple as that.

[Editor's note: I know everyone has their own definition of "modest," but this list involves skirts/shorts that go about to the knee, some form of sleeve, and a PG-appropriate neckline. (I would've said "G-rated," but I'm afraid that would leave us with nothing but turtlenecks...)]

1. A Day in the Life Too...
2. Little Black Label
3. Beyond the Basic Fig Leaf
4. Everyday Embellishments
5. Fashion on a Budget
6. the stories & adventures of mary elizabeth
7. Leah's Life
8. la vie petite
9. cute, fat, and short
10. Cardigans and Cookie Dough
11. Born to be Styled
12. Jake and Corinne
13. heidiluxe
14. Life of a Passeri
15. Big on Modesty
16. the MRS and the MOMMA
Get your blog listed here!

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