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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

twists and turns

Apparently there was something super interesting outside my window. Like the garbage truck.
 shoes, jeans, & slouchy tee: american eagle outfitters. striped tunic & wide belt: forever21. cardigan: don't recall. earrings: hawaii. watch: target. bracelet: burntsiena designs.

Allow me to totally geek out on you all for a minute...please? (You hesitate, probably because you're baffled as to how this would be any different from any other post on here...) So. Geek Central: I love the balance of circles-and-stripes in this outfit. Belt clasp, watch face, earrings, necklace = all circles. Tunic and the line of the sash on my head = stripes. Unexpected and maybe awesome for me here.

And I didn't even plan it, really. Which makes me think today is going to be a normal day with pops o' fabulousness. Probably dinner will taste okay tonight. My kids won't hit each other when they argue. And my sore throat won't progress into a full-fledged cold. How could I not love a day like today?

Which makes me also think that my future's looking pretty stinking bright as a psychic or fortune cookie author. "You will do great things when you take your kids to the playground and offer a crying stranger a slice of your gala apple." "You will meet someone new who has purple hair and a garage band." Sure, they're a touch specific, but that doesn't mean they won't happen...and if when they do, think how disturbing crazy-awesome that would be!!!

Happy Tuesday.

p.s. I wore my slouchy tee backwards under the tunic today. Thoughts on that little rule-breakage?

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1 comment:

Kelsie said...

Love the striped shirt!

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