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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping is its own perk. Nevertheless, here's a little some'in-some'in.

Does anyone else tend to buy cheap jewelry/accessories? Not all the time, of course, but 90% of my accessories aren't top quality. I've been okay with that. I mean, if stuff gets lost or broken or whatever, I'm out, like, $3 bucks. No biggie.

But then again... whenever I DO find myself face-to-face with a quality item, and I can hold it and try it out, I kind of kick myself for wasting my time with the flimsier stuff. There's something (lots of things, actually) to be said for the weight, substance, and finish of a finer piece. Does anyone else agree? And, in the long run, it usually outlasts about a hundred of the cheap (but fun) crap.

So. That being said (I hope I didn't scare you all away...stick around! you'll be glad you did), I'd like to introduce you to a new heart-throb etsy shop. It's called Rune Leather, and their stuff is awesome (and, despite what my preface would lead you to believe, very reasonably priced). Check it:

Like this leather artist case:

Or this leather cuff:

And this steampunk leather keychain

Or this antique skeleton key necklace:
Yummy, right? That skeleton key necklace (shown last) is one of my personal favorites. So simple, yet so understated-chic.
So. Before you e-run to their shop (which I'm assuming you're all going to do), let me just entice you with this happy little tidbit: Rune Leather has offered my blog readers (that means you!) a super awesome deal -- 10% off any purchase. Any at all. Just be sure to use the code: ADAYINTHELIFETOO. You guys, their stuff is amazing, and I bet it lasts you forever. Honestly.

Go forth and shop.

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