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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

this isn't goodbye. not exactly.

 shoes: unionbay brand. shorts & shirt: american eagle. bracelets: forever21.
So... [Editor's note: Methinks too many sentences/paragraphs on this blog are started with the word "so." Like we're in the middle of a conversation or something. Which, who knows, maybe we are. One long conversation about my sweet tooth and flosslessness.]

So I'm downsizing my posting on this blog. I've loved it as a creative outlet, but with the start of multiple kiddos at school, a gazillion projects, some interests elsewhere, cookies to bake for after-school snacks, roses to stop and smell, and just an overall need to simplify simplify, posting to this blog on the daily is what will have to give.

There there. Don't cry. Oh, wait...are those tears of joy? Then, by all means. Bawl away.

Thank you, lovelies, for supporting me in my not-so-serious take on style and life. I'm amazed and humbled that so many of you care what I have to say...or at least inadvertently click on my URL before you realize the mistake you've made.

Cheers. And I'll see you soon for an awesome product review of something you'll totally want.
AND and happy Wednesday.

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