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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tweed, glorious tweed

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess stay-at-home mom who started a blog about the normal (and weird, if I'm being honest) stuff she wore every day. She enjoyed it. Then she got busy with other important stuff in life and she abandoned it for a month. Then she realized that there was a happy medium that could be reached.

Just like how she now buys the medium size bag of pnut m&ms instead of the XL and instead of abstaining from them altogether.

The end.

Confession: Because you probably couldn't tell, that story was autobiographical. But the m&m part just shows you how much I've matured in the past month, right guys? I know. It does your hearts proud.

So. It's officially Fall. And that's the time I break out any and everything pumpkin-spice-scented and make soup and dream about Fallish stuff to wear. Like cardigans. And tweed. And, sure, tweed cardigans. Which is so super nerdy, you guys, but I just can't help it. Love.

Happy Tuesday.

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