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Friday, December 31, 2010

cellllll.uh.brate good times, COME ON! let's celebrate.

Warning: I'm in kind of a crazy-giddy-do-weird-stuff-and-laugh-really-hard-about-it-for-no-reason-much-to-the-annoyance-of, well, everyone-around-me mood.
I don't often get this way, actually. But when I do, it's serious. I lose all control. See those karate kicks? That's what I'm talking about. Random. And juvenile. And inappropriate. [Editor's note: But also...entertaining...] 
 Shoes: Mudd brand. Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters. Shirt: Gap. Belt: F21. Necklaces/bracelets: Who the heck knows. Flower: gifted.
Chances are, you're laughing so hard [Editor's note: She's flattering herself again; you and I both know that you're just rolling your eyes. And for good reason.] at today's pics that you (a) haven't even noticed what I'm wearing, (b) don't even care how it came together, and/or (c) forgot you left the iron on downstairs and need to go turn it off. Stat. Go ahead. I'll wait. 

So, for many of you, New Year's Eve parties involve lots of sequin and gold and fanciness. For me, it (ideally!) involves a small gathering of close friends and family. And lots of kids. And games and food and attempts to squelch the urge to turn the clocks ahead 3 hours to "ring in the new year" at 9 and get home and to bed by 10 because I'm a granny and can't seem to stay awake that long anymore and, really, what's the difference, the new year's here when we wake up tomorrow.

Geez. Those of you who are not yet 31 are reeeeeeally scared of the middle-ageness you're seeing evidenced here. Live it up now, you young fries. Live it up.

ANYwee. I'm wearing my favorite black button-up, some pegged jeans because they just seemed to match my crazy unexpected mood (and I think they're Maybe Awesome here), and some heels (mary janes! I love.). Not wanting attention drawn to my feet, I kept footwear neutral.

Sequined belt tied in a cuh-razy knot. Tons of random jewelry. And my favorite lucky flower headband (recognize it from here and here?). I'm loving how I feel a little glamorous but can still do whatever my mood desires. Bring it on, new year! I love ya already.

Happy 2010.


Emily said...

Question: Can I wear a belt like that, on the outside of shirts and sweaters when I DON'T have such a trim waist as yours?

I'm serious. I'd like to try it, but I'm afraid to draw any attention to my waist. Can it work?

Let me know.

Salt City Style said...

(note-- i tried to post a comment earlier, but it got an error message... so if it did in fact get sent to you, please don't be creeped out by me commenting again.... haha)

anyway! i love your collages and dancing pics! they make me happy. it can be easy to take ourselves way too seriously, so i love how much fun you're having. :)

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