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Saturday, January 1, 2011

these are a few of my favorite pants...

I hope your new years holiday has been splendid. Mine has. Got to sleep in until 10 this morning...when was the last time THAT happened? Probably in the 90s. Heh. I feel so cool saying stuff like that.

I wore pants about half the month last month. Here they are. I'd love to hear your feedback overall--if you want, leave a comment to vote for your favorite. Or, if none is your favorite, vote for the one you might consider wearing yourself. Or, if you'd wear none of these, leave a comment with your favorite knock-knock joke, just to pad my blogging stats. Geesh.

Also, check back on Tuesday for a new feature I'm implementing (alliteravely named "Tuesday Topics"...isn't that clever? No? Lame? Drat.) where I respond to a reader's question/comment with some solid research and photographic evidence. This week's topic is about belts and body types and the most flattering ways to wear them. You don't want to miss it. Or maybe you do... But try really hard not to. Because, really, what else is going on on the first Tuesday of a new year? Absolutely nothing. I'd maybe recommend taking the day off work, but that's a personal decision you'll have to make on your own.

More posts forthcoming between now and Tuesday, of course. Like what I've learned in the past month of doing this. What my style goals are for 2011. And how I'm going to not be so stinking wordy in these posts.

Annnnnnnnd...I'm out. Happy Saturday.


RaeLynn said...

Okay, for reals...I can't choose between 4, 5 and 6. I'm slightly less adventurous than you with fashion so I know they're a tad "safe" but those are my faves.

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Brittney who?
Uhhh, Brittney Smart.

I'm funny.

RaeLynn said...

p.s. what are pegged jeans?

Brittney said...

Rae, I just love you. An excellent question...I answer it in "Your Questions Answered," but it's kind of anticlimatic to go there, so I'll just tell you: it's jeans that are super tapered. My version of pegged jeans is when I taper them myself and roll them to keep the taper. :)

Julie said...

#4 & #11 are my faves on your faboo body. You're awesome.

Julie said...

p.s. I totally clicked on your ad's so you could get paid for them. $.04 is my gift to you today. Your welcome.

Laura said...

I like #8's addition w/ the boot over skinny jeans and then... are those legwarmers? whatever it is - I like it. that's my fave. I like #8's pants too. #6's pants are good, but not incredible. the top however, is incredible in #6. love that.

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