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Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11: the tag-along little bro of 11-11-11...

 Shoes: Union Bay. Jeans & henley tee: gap. Cardigan: Don't recall. Scarf & belt: F21.

I don't make a ton of new years resolutions. Never have, probably never will. (But good for you if you do! I'm just sayin'...for me...I don't...hoo boy. Keep digging yourself a hole, Brittney...) What I mean is, I'm a pretty determined soul by nature, so if I really want to do something, I'll do it. Even if it's on, say, August 28th. Or May 12th. Or any of the other 363 days of the year (or 364 on leap year. Naturally.).

In the past month of starting/doing this blog, one of the things I've learned from wearing what I own is: quality is waaaaaay better than quantity. Actually, I haven't really learned it. I've lived the opposite of it. I have a million clothes--there's still about 1/3 of my closet untouched, even after a month of wearing something different every day (except for some jeans repeats). That's bordering on ridiculous. But many of them neither fit nor are really my style.  

[Editor's note: Enter today's outfit, of one of my favorite shirts (a striped henley tee), my absolute favorite zigzag scarf, some messy accent braids in my hair. Comfy, casual, and cuter in my head than on the bod, but whatchagonnado...]

So, I'm eating my words about resolutions. [Editor's note: They go nicely with this chewy caramel corn at my side...] My fashion resolution for 2011: as I consider, accept, or buy clothes, it's Quality over Quantity.

Happy Saturday.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Were these jeans in the last post because I love them. I'm a lover of dark washed jeans. You are making me think that perhaps I should break out of my solid color fashion problems. I never wear patterns. You're my hero.

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