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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

life is like a pair of houndstooth tights...

 shoes: don't recall. tights & belt: forever21. skirt & cardigan: j.crew. shirt: eddie bauer. necklace: downeast basics.

I went to my children's great-grampa's funeral yesterday. It was a bittersweet day. He was a good man who leaves behind millions of good memories. Forgive me that I'm not feeling particularly funny today.

But I'll say this: I've thought a lot about life and how I use my time and what's really --no seriously, really -- important. A much-needed introspection. Timely, because guess what's pretty much at the bottom of the Important barrel? The fact that my tights got some snags in them and I forgot to reapply lipstick for these photos.

So. I'm happy and grateful to be clothed and alive. Now I'm off to use today's precious life-hours well.

Happy Tuesday.

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