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Monday, April 4, 2011

a belt by any other name...would be just as non-functionally decorative

 boots, skirt, & belt: kohl's. sweater: don't recall (maybe kohl's as well?). watch: target. necklace: don't recall. tights: forever21.

It was bedtime when I snapped these photos. You can tell because the lighting's weird, and my daughter is in her pjs. Which, come to think of it, actually proves nothing, because we're in pjs a lot around here, day AND night. It's like in old movies when there's a scene that's supposed to be in the middle of the night, but it's super bright so you can't even tell. Noon?...or midnight?...

Speaking of old movies, I LOVE Pride & Prejudice. 5-hour BBC Colin Firth version, natch. And, sure, the book, too. Jane Austen was a master authoress (yep), if you ask me.

Speaking of books, I need to read more. Lately, I barely glance at the newspaper headlines. And do the sudoku. I used to be a crossword puzzle whiz. Now it's sudoku. What an enormous shift in my life, moving from a nerdy word-based thing to a nerdy number-based thing.

It's similar, although not identical, to eating a muffin that's really nothing more than a cupcake sans icing. But doesn't the word "muffin" sound just so much healthier? That's what I tell myself, too, as I reach for my third one...

Would you believe that when I sat down to do this post I had nothing to say? I mean, look at allllll the interesting and important things I spewed forth in this post! Aren't you so glad you stopped by, guys? Guys?...Hello?...hello?...hello?...

Happy Monday.

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