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Sunday, April 3, 2011

color me grateful.

 pants& tee: gap. blazer: thrifted (the limited). belt: kohl's. pin: don't recall. watch: target. 

This week I'm grateful for:

- spring break.
- LDS General Conference.
- the sweet and overwhelming peace and comfort, despite sadness, that sometimes accompanies the passing away of a loved one. We will love Grampa Boyd forever.
- a day or two where I could glimpse a future that involved sunny skies, warm temps, and outdoor playtime.
- mother-daughter fingernail painting sessions. Or, as my daughter calls it, 'thingernail'.
- digital cameras.
- a husband who, knowing I had several laaaate nights of work, disappeared himself to the grocery store and returned with "provisions" for me. None of which were healthy, all of which were my favorites.
- a 6-year-old son who stays up late, then sneaks out of his room and throws a paper airplane down at me, which, when opened up, reads in careful penmanship (and I quote): "I love with all my heart. When mother's day comes I will by you a speashil Gift. Best wishs." Covered in hearts. And, as I hug and kiss him in thanks, he starts tearing up because he knows he's made me happy. Cutest ever, right?
- being able to clean my house in an hour and a half, when I put my mind to it.
- I put my mind to it.
- toothpaste.
- having a puppy. Having kids who play with the puppy. Having a kid who will clean up the evidence of puppy-ness in the backyard. Dah well. Two out of three ain't bad.
- life in general.

Best wishs. Happy Sunday.

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