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Thursday, April 7, 2011

H is for high-waist and hypocrite. meh.

 shoes: steve madden. pants & shirt: thrifted. belt: forever21. turquoise bracelet: Burntsiena Designs. all other jewelry: don't recall. flower hairclip: downeast basics.
Photos taken by my 6- and 5-year-old kids. Enough said. 
High-waist it up, dudes. And pleats to boot. Two things I deplore in mens pantswear, yet I throw these babies on with gusto and wear them happily. Some would call that hypocritical. Some also say that p-nut m&ms shouldn't be consumed on the daily and that getting four Jane Austen movies from the library would be borderline "obsessive." Ooops. Stitch me up a red-letter H, I guess.

So. Jumping-off point for today's ensemble was these pants, which I haven't worn since I thrifted them a couple of months ago in a fit of glee and a dance of joy in the aisle of D.I. (taking my chances that the security cameras, if any, were turned away from that particular spot in the store at that particular moment). Needed a fitted shirt to balance the voluminous-ness of the pants. Throw on some wedges (because it's spring...kind of) and random jewelry. Done and done.

As for the hair you see above: I dunno, guys. Not sold on it, although it was pretty easy to do, and it's off my neck without being in a ponytail. Man, I need a haircut. Bad. For every hair root in my scalp, there are about 18 split ends. Which is so pretty, I know. What can I say, I'm that kind of girl.

Know what else kinda girl I am? The kind who makes her kids eat their vegetables at dinner then sneaks ice cream with her husband after said kids' bedtime. Heh. Judge me.

Happy Thursday.

Want this look? Check below for some ideas, then hit up your local thrift store.

1 comment:

rlutz said...

I love your style! those trousers look great on you...especially with those shoes!
I sneak Jello after my kids go to bed, they are just way to messy when they eat it!!

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