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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Totally sporting pegged jeans today. And a side ponytail. Kinda like my older sister...in 7th grade. Oooh, speaking of my older sister (who, by the way, rocks. She's run a billion marathons, is crazy-competent in every area of her life, has crinkly smiley eyes, and is a black friday master) and her fashion sense, I'm having a flashback of my super younger days when i wanted to BE her because she was uber cool because she had an enlarged tiger face printed on her bathing suit.

At the time, my "bathing suits" were homemade cottony jumper-things. Don't be jealous.

Unexpected & Maybe Awesome: Converse with a floral button-up.

Happy Thursday!


katieo said...

okay. love your face in the first pictures. Like you just discovered a spot on your carpet...or some strange leftover food sticking out of your couch.

also, my older sister had the tiger face bathing suit TOO! i coveted.

Lanette said...

Um, Katie, I had a little different image in my mind about those poses. More super-modelish. The spot on the carpet or leftover food is SO hilarious. Sounds like a mother of small children--nice one.

And, Brit, way to go today. Wish I could pull off the peg jeans look. A lil' too hippy (and I don't mean 70's) on this end. I'm amazed that you can take serious looking pictures of yourself without cracking up. That takes serious self control. Well, admittedly I've done it before because I thought I looked really cute one day. However, the pictures didn't turn out quite as I envisioned SO I was grateful for that "erase" button on the ol' Canon. Can't wait to see what you come up with tommorow.

Brittney said...

hah! katie, you're so awesome. seriously, though, how do people do facial expressions? i have none. 'cept joll joll and more joll. what the NED would happen without digitality? hello. or, more like, goodbye.

als, @ lanette: i have a bunch of pics where i'm tot cracking up at the ridiculousness. but when i crack up, my eyes go all squinty, and espesh when they're early-morning-eyes, they pretty much disappear altogether. but for you, my dear, i'll bust out a crack-up shot tomorrow, squinty-eyed or no.

Julie said...

photo #4 is the best. Save that one forever, like to put on your table when your old. I cannot sport this outfit due to the middle region of my body but you look oh so cute in it.

Brooke said...

Wait, I think I remember that tiger suit from a family reunion or two...

Awesome blog, by the way! I've subscribed.

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