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Friday, January 7, 2011

mary had a sick little lamb...

I almost did this today. But then I didn't.
 But I'm going to be honest. My head looks a little naked without it. Am I right? 
 shoes: unionbay brand. jeans: so brand. white tee: gap. cardigan: kohl's. scarf: gifted (but...old navy). turtle shell bracelet: open market on kauai (hawaii). beaded bracelet: gifted.

Today's jumping-off point: this purple cardigan. I haven't worn it for a while (years?) for some reason. Maybe because I kind of feel like I look pregnant in it. [Editor's note: NOT that being pregnant is at all a bad thing, for heaven's sake. I just don't want to look it when I'm not. I don't think I'm too weird for feeling that way...]

I needed today's outfit to meet several criteria: (a) comfy. because my throat is on fire and swollen and feels like the start of strep, (b) still appropriate for public view because I have to take my van to a car place this afternoon, and (c) again, I say comfy. and warm. 

I love the sleeves on this sweater; they flare out at the ends, and it makes me feel like a medieval lady. Kind of. A white v-neck tee underneath, grey skinny jeans (to go with the cool color palette of today), and some blue flats that I can easily kick off and replace with my pink-and-white-cloud-puffy-slippers at home. (*gasp* Who adMITs that? Me, apparently.)

Due to aforementioned sore throat, I really really wanted something around my neck today. It's soothing. So I turned this scarf temporarily into an O scarf and hid the yellow with safety pins. Perfect. My hair's not much to speak of...but it's...it's...done...? [Editor's note: That's the best I could come up with? Ouch.]

And in an enthusiastic nod [Editor's note: It's actually more like a throbbing-headed-nod...but a nod nonetheless] to the 80s, I added a turquoise bracelet to combo up with the purple. Reminds me this girl named Kristin in elementary school who had a billion different colored canvas shoes and one time she wore two pairs of socks on each foot--teal on top, purple on the bottom on one foot, and the opposite order on the other foot. And, like the proverbial cherry-on-top (or salt-in-the-wound, as the case may be), she had teal-and-purple plaid canvas shoes. Oooh, she was the envy...

Happy Friday.


kristine said...

Looove that purple sweater :) I love how you said the sleeves make you feel like a medieval person! That's the best.

Kristine. Or Polly.

RaeLynn said...

sleeves like that rock (because the sleeves on my wedding dress were like that) :)

The Suburb Experiment said...

Ah, hyper-matching in the 90's. I can look back fondly but if it comes back in style, I'm out. Hope you feel better soon. I'm just recovering from a bad cold that stole my voice for a few days.

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower - such a fun blog you have here!

I love the purple and turquoise together!


Moosette said...

Love that scarf! Your pics are too cute!

xoxo... Tanya


Kiki said...

I like the turban haha you are HILARIOUS! :) And the sweater is soooo cute! Purple is my favorite color so really anything in that color I pretty much love. I will look back on this post when I need something comfy to wear now..thanks!

Julie said...

Totally love that middle shot after the Arab turbine look. Hilarious.

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