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Sunday, January 23, 2011

the bold & the beautiful. or, at least, the bold & the could-be-grosser.

shoes: steve madden. skirt: gap. slouchy tee: american eagle outfitters. sweater: j. crew. watch: target. hairthings: smiths marketplace. tights, belt, & necklace: don't recall.

Remember how you learned how to ride a bike when you were 5 and then you got a flat tire or your chain rusted when you were 8 and your dad was going to fix/replace it but even though he meant to he never really did so you didn't ride a bike at all for a few years and then your friend had a sweet bike that you wanted to try out, and you hopped right on and you could totally ride a bike again even though you hadn't done it forever?

No? Just me? Oh. Well, anyway, I thought that doing this blog would be like that...two days off, then back in the saddle no prob. Nope. When I went to take my pics this morning, I couldn't think of a single pose. Except a cartwheel. Which, if you think about, would have been less than ideal in this particular ensemble. 

So I did what I always do when I'm stumped: I ate. A balanced and healthy breakfast, complete with a snickers bar or three and a bowl of cheerios. And a banana. And maybe some yogurt, I'm not sure. And juice and a bit of bagel. By the end, I was 5 pounds heavier and ready to rock'n'roll. Let this be a lesson to you kids out there. Somehow.

Today I wanted to wear these new shoes I got on my trip. And this bold striped sweater. I originally paired the sweater with a lavendar button-up shirt and a denim pencil skirt, but even though it looked okay (I think), I just wasn't feeling it. So I took away the collared shirt and went with this slouchy tee. Backwards. No, seriously, I wore it backwards because the front-side was a little too low on its own, and I didn't want to wear a cami because that would add aNOTHer stripe/color right at my neckline.

Thank you, inventors of tagless shirts.

You're going back to check out the pics now, aren't you, because now you know the shirt's backwards and you want to see if it looks weird. Yes, armed with that bit of knowledge, your brain might tell you it looks a little odd. But I'm okay with it. Because I jogged more than 15 miles yesterday (beautiful race! loved it! thanks for your sweet comments about it, you guys!) and drove about 6 hours home and slept next to my increasingly attractive husband, which has a way of putting things like backwards slouchy tees into perspective.

So. Add dark tights and a belt about the same hue, a supersized gold boyfriend watch, and a simple single beads-on-a-chain necklace. I was totally comfortable at church today. 'Cept when my 2-year-old stood on my lap (a.k.a. sore quads) to see who was speaking at the pulpit. But that had nothing to do with what I was wearing.

Happy Sunday!


Kiki said...

Haha you never fail to make me laugh ;) You are totally right that I went back and checked. But that is such a smart idea! I've never thought to wear a shirt backwards before. I love this outfit btw. Really, it's one of my favorites :)

Cassandra said...

I LOVE this outfit! The stripes and the light blue tee are very sweet. :) Your hair is really pretty as well! I love the curls/waves.

Jess said...

God bless whoever made the first tagless shirt. Truly a hero in my eyes. And I don't think the top looks weird at all--the pop of colour and cut are perfect!

Julie said...

Favorite pic of the day: walking the invisible line. When in a slump, eat to your hearts content, & then walk the invisible line & shoot away. Let's hear more about your run.

Gosfam said...

I just ran across your blog and you are too cute. I have decided after reading it--I need a new wardrobe :) I have known this for a while--LOL!! I never spend $ on myself very often and it shows in my wardrobe. Anyways cute pics and clothes and I need to venture out more.

kileen said...

i just found your blog and love it! the poses that you ended up with are totally cute and i really love the lavender button-up peeking out from the sweater!

cute and little
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Katri said...

love love love love love the booties!

Ashley said...

SO CUTE! I agree, a cartwheel in the skirt would probably have been less than ideal. Trust me, I know. I once attempted to turn a cartwheel on a Mexican beach in nothing but a swimsuit (bad idea) and ALMOST ended up with scary wardrobe malfunction. Luckily, I escaped with a mere mouthful of sand.

I think your poses turned out lovely. Cute blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this outfit! I'm sure it would have looked just as good with your button-down, too. That sweater is awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! You look very nice. Love the new booties :)

Law Mama said...

Great idea to wear the shirt backwards. I love tagless shirts too - and seriously, why do they ever put tags in baby clothes? I just have to cut them out anyway.

Lyndsy said...

Love this look! The sweater is fantastic!

Sarah said...

Really cute outfit!

Jilliebeanie said...

1. Stripes are awesome
2. Way to be creative by wearing a shirt backwards
3. You having Snickers for breakfast makes me feel so much better about having chocolate chip belgian waffles for dinner last night. because I totally did and they were amazing but I felt a little bit like a bad person/wife afterwards

so thanks.

Judy Anne said...

I love the flash of color in the neutral outfit and those booties are absolutely adorable!

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