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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Style Award #1: and the winner is...

I'm starting a new Sunday feature with an award to someone who, during the course of my weekly blog stalking perusing, reminds me of something I'd forgotten.

It's a very prestigious award. Because it's from me. (Yep.) And because it has a $1 million* payout.

*not true. award does not provide monetary compensation. only ego boosting. which is worth way more than $1 million.**

**also not true.

Go check out adorable Brandilyn at cats and cardigans. She (and her style) will remind you to love winter. Almost. Or at least enjoy it. Or at LEAST least tolerate it enough to refrain from encouraging your son to pee frowny faces in the knee-deep snow on your front yard out of cold-hating spite.

Just because her message comes too late for my front yard, it's not for all of yours. Go check her out.

Congratulations, Brandilyn! Thanks for reminding me. And your $1 million is in the mail.*



Katri said...

Ooh I love Brandilyn! I've been following her for awhile now. Glad you featured her :)

Brittany Rae Munk said...

brandilyn is an adorable person and very inspiring in a lot of ways! i love reading her blog too!

Brandilyn said...

aaah thank you!! i feel so honored!! i can't wait for my BIG MONEY* to come in!


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