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Monday, February 7, 2011

pandas & outtakes...but i WISH it was outtakes of pandas... way cooler.

Don't think about a panda bear. Hah! You totally pictured one, didn't you. Don't feel bad though, friends. I'm a Master of Mind Control. Like this: Don't think that the framed pic below is hanging straight.
 Did it work? It totally worked, right?... Aw crap.
 shoes: union bay brand. wide leg pants & shirt: gap. cardigan: j.crew. watch: citizen brand. earrings: hawaii.

 So many things to say, so little energy to type. What's a girl to do?

I'm going to trust that the majority of my readers are female (aside from the Mystery Synchronized Diver researcher...I tend to believe he's male. But that's just me.). Even so, I'm not sure how to tell you all how much I think periods really suck. But I'll try. How 'bout this: periods really suck.

Thus, today's ensemble had two purposes: (1) comfort. Like, the kind of comfort achieveable almost exclusively by wrapping up in a 90-year-old family heirloom quilt (there's no substitute. really.) with only one's mouth exposed so that rich dark chocolates can be (read: are) periodically (read: every minute) dropped (read: shoveled) in (read: in). Today's wide leg pants and cardigan? Definitely check-check.

Which makes me wonder if Mr. Rogers was usually in pain or something, to always have busted out the cardigan on his show, but that's another discussion for another day. [Editor's note: But what is a discussion for today is the fact that, even as a kid, I remember being annoyed by Mr. Rogers. Am I alone in this?]

Ahem. Today's outfit also had to include (2) no belt. No restrictive device anywhere, anyhow, for that matter. Unless you count a watch as being restrictive (I suppose one could feel that way...but I don't), then check-check again. Checkmate, in fact.

Speaking of...is it bad that my 6-year-old can whoop me in chess? Not kidding. Even when I try my best and give him hints (and/or give him false leading tips to get him off-track), he beats me. And you wanna know why? For some reason, in the thick of the game, I always forget that the king is more important than the queen. I almost always lose because I'm protecting that magical queen--forwards, backwards, AND diagonal? I mean, you just can't beat that kind of weapon. There's probably a deeply significant psychological interpretation for people like me. Like "weird."

Annnnnnd...a rare treat for all you loveable readers out there: Outtakes. [Editor's note: Not that outtakes are in and of themselves rare around here. Just the fact that I'm posting them is rare. But these were too good to pass up. And by good I mean lame. Natch.]
You're welcome. And happy Monday.

Want this look? Check out the stuff below...


Melissa said...

You are so freaking cute. Seriously. You have to stop. I'm getting an inferiority complex.

{But really, don't stop because your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites.}

mk said...

ditto to melissa!

and about periods: i'm scared. i haven't had one since my son was born (and his bday is TOMORROW) which would make it since May 2009 my last. posts like this freak me out that my life is going to end once a month in the very near future.

i think i'll just keep on breastfeeding for now.

and your outfit is still adorable. i need to take some tips from you on how to be cute on comfy days.

mk said...

sorry for the weird sentence structure, part of that doesn't make sense. whatev. you get my point, right?


E said...

I here you on needing comfort during periods. If I could live in my sweats, I would. Even if it wasn't a period. :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today and I'm loving it, you are so funny!

A-C said...

I agree with everything you said about the period. SUCKS! Good call on comfy pants and cardigan. Also, you are hilarious and I love your outtakes.

Elissa said...

Your blog is quickly growing to be one of my favorites. I love this construct-the-number-with-your-body thing you're doing every day of the challenge. I love how you admit there are things you simply will not wear during certain, uh, times of the month. I love your quick quick and little vignettes of daily life and all-together awesomeness.

So yeah,you basically win at everything. And today's outfit is no exception.


mushbelly said...

I just linked to your blog from the comment you left on mine - and my dear, you are adorable! Love what I've seen so far. :)

And I totally hate periods too.

serra said...

serra here, julie's sister. I am loving your pants. can I have them?? over and out.

p.s. i am now wondering who the diver could be and will they return?? make yourself known!!!

Katri said...

I love that you are so real on your blog. It makes me smile. Thanks for blogging!!!
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Tiffany said...

please one day set up a video camera off to the side while taking your outfit shots. I want to see the process. And where does all the energy come from?! You are beyond cute.

Jenny said...

You have the cutest pictures! And yes, periods do suck - BIG TIME! Oh man, you are doing so well with the 30/30!!! Love!

Tara said...

I want those shoes. WANT!

Also? You do 'comfortable' better than I do 'trying'. So, I'm a little jealous :)

Linda W said...

Hilarious and honest. Great post and great candids!

The Auspicious Life

Cydney said...

Hey, are we CYCLE buddies? I, too, am menstrUUUating unhappily. You have to say it like that to freak out any male readers you possibly have. Maybe the female ones, too. :) That period thing is part of the reason MY outfit was so cozy today.

And dark chocolates? YES please. My absolute fave. :)
You look super cute, even if you are in pain. I couldn't even tell.

The Suburb Experiment said...

That levitating outtake is very impressive, my friend. Veeery impressive.

And you weren't the only one annoyed by Mr. Rogers as a child. He. . . talked. . . too . . . slow.

Sian said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog =D I am LOVING how you make yourself into the number of what day it is, brilliant idea! I'm interested to see how you do 10 and upwards though...split yourself in half?! Haha! Anyway, very nice cozy outfit, you really work the wide leg trousers too =)
Following you now, follow me too?

Rachael said...

I love the simplicity of this outfit. I'm not a style blogger, but I follow a few and am always daunted by how many accessories and layers yall wear! This outfit is more my speed and period or not, it looks good on you!

Thoa said...

2nd to last picture of you jumping = AWESOMENESS. The facial expression... he almost Buddha-like pose... lmao.

I like the muted colors in this outfit. It definitely looks uber comfortable, worthy-of-90-year-old-quilt-something about chocolate type of comfort.

I understand the queen thing but I definitely don't care for her as much as the other pieces, just cuz there's more of them yknow, so they can corner the king whereas the queen sort of can but she can't be everywhere at once! Anyway... I still sucked at chess so you shouldn't listen to me.

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