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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just another manic Sunday...

Roman numerals?! Brilliant! Why didn't I think of these before...like on Superbowl Sunday? Sheesh...
boots: target. tights: forever21, skirt: j. crew. shirt: gap. cardigan: rue21. necklace: downeast outfitters.
This week, I'm particularly grateful for...

- Date night. Especially when it involves my two favorite men: Pocket and Brian Regan. In that order, but it's gotta be close...
- Snow. Beautiful, deep, lovely, sparkly, fluffy stuff.
- Having a pair of boots in my 30x30. Which have totally overstayed their welcome this week (along with colored tights). But. Snow, guys. Snow.
- Having smart readers who correct me on my TOTally inaccurate spellings of foreign words. Like segway (segue) and capeche (capisce). Learn something new every day. (Like the fact that I shouldn't speak, read, or write anything remotely foreign...)
- Family time that involves jumping around the basement and laughter. Which happens a lot around here.
- Grocery carts and the fact that the handle side flips up so my kids can crawl like tigers into the cart themselves and I don't have to lift them up-and-over because, let's face it, they are growing and I am aging.
- Sharing accessories with my daughters, who are old enough to be responsible and put things away.
- Finding the accessories that my daughters have lost because, come to find out, they're actually NOT old enough to be responsible and put things away.
- My daughters. And my son. And everyone else whom I love.
- Quesadilla makers.
- Internet.
- A big-picture perspective.
- Being able to laugh at myself. And encouraging you all to do the same. For example:

(Reeeeeally not sure what I was going for in attempting the poses above...but I'm glad they're all equally lame. And by "lame" I of course mean "awesome.")

Happy Sunday.

Want this look? You got it...



the necklace is just beautiful!!

alltumbledown said...

I love your kooky poses. Brilliant idea with the roman numerals! And you rock colored tights like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

What a great list of thankfuls! I share accessories with my daughter too!!! Of course I also find lots of her lost accessories too! Hope your having a great Sunday.

Katy said...

I truly love your blog! It always brings a smile to my face. I am having a hard time with my final days in the 30 for 30. I am started to dread getting dressed in the morning! You have definitely given me some ideas to change it up -- so hopefully I can bring this thing home in style. Have a good week!

Melissa said...

I LOVE Brian Regan!!! We were going to see him when he came to Hard Rock Live in Orlando but we missed it. So very sad.

I love the pop of color in the tights and that necklace. You look beautiful, as always!

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Jenni said...

Once again I totally love the pop of color in the tights...such a great way to liven up an outfit! I say it never gets old! Also digging that cute necklace...gotta love DownEast! Have a great day!

lingering daydreams said...

I love your creativity with the numbering, especially as they are going up :)

Great use of color!

Elizabeth said...

I love the pink tights and your necklace. I hope I can be as stylish as you when I'm a mom.

Brittney said...

@siena.style: thanks! i love it, too.
@alltumbledown: seriously, i don't know what i'll do when it's too hot for colored tights...but probably my community will breathe a collective sigh of relief.
@katy: don't you love finding inspiration in random places? i do. baby steps for the next 10 days...it's going to get crazy around here.
@melissa: seriously, i was laughing so hard last night. he.is.hilARious.
@lingeringdaydreams: i'm definitely on the thin side of creativity these days...hope i can make it to 30!

Myfashiontake said...

I love that necklace a lot!! So pretty & chic!!

mk said...

i love purple tights and pencil skirts!! we were sunday twinkies. :) and i really like your hair down, too.


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