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Monday, February 21, 2011

reliving the brace-face of my past

These boots are saving my life. My goal this week is to bust out some other footwear...even in the snow.

Also, I just have to say...I had a bit of trouble with the coloring of Day 16's photo in this set...it's a long, tedious story of which I'll spare you all the details. But even though it kind of looks like I'm an albino with braces, and even though we've all heard the saying, "photos don't lie" (or something to that effect), you're all just going to have to trust me on this one: I don't have braces. That segment of my life is over.

Although, truth be told, I will be albino forever.

(p.s. If you want to see how Day 16 really looked, click here.)


Anonymous said...

I love your Day 17 outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Youre doing great! I think 18 is my fave :)

Abbe said...

I believe you when you say the braces segment of your life is over.


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♥ just a girl ♥ said...

Your outfits are so colourful and happy! I like 20 the best but they are all great ;)

christen said...

Oh, Brittney...your blog is adorable, your outfits are so classic and cute! Love love love love love day 18!

You saw that nasty comment someone left on my blog - it's hard to rebound from those, especially as a new blogger who's trying to figure out her place in the blogosphere! But your kind comment really cheered me up, so thank you for that :)

love from the woods. <3


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog- you are so inspiring! I'll be following from now on. Thanks for making this world a more fashionable place :)

rebecca said...

you're doing a great job of creating very different outfits that have distinct looks! you're one of my new favorite blogs!


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