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Sunday, February 6, 2011

weekly gratitude

booties: steve madden. tights: don't recall. dress: gap. belt: kohls (paired with a skirt). bracelet & necklace: gifted (but...f21 and downeast outfitters) 

Tatiana over at Love, Life, Lace had a brilliant idea to start a weekly gratitude movement. I'm a little embarrassed that it took a movement for me to think of things to be grateful for. Nevertheless, this will be a weekly installment here on A Day in the Life Too...

This week, I'm grateful for:
- my 3 kidlets: winkin, blinkin, and nod. and how cutely they play with each other lately. and laugh super hard at my jokes and dinner-making dances. that kind of from-your-gut-laughter won't last forever...i give it approximately 4 more years, tops, before they start getting embarrassed of me, in public and private both. thus, i soak.it.up.
- odor-neutralizer-and-carpet-cleaner-in-one. don't ask.
- having married a man who I miss when he's gone and kiss when he's here. lots on both counts.
- aveeno lotion. "24-hour relief for dry, itchy skin." they ain't kiddin' around.
- my laptop. and my wireless mouse.
- flannel sheets. even ones printed with penguins and polar bears in annoying neonesque colors. i would be a frozen corpse today, discovered in bed between icy cotton sheets, without them.
- cheese.
- God. and the fact that He knows and loves me in all my insignificantness and lameness. that is an incredible truth.
- fingertop bandaids. we actually ran out of these, so i tried to patch together my own when i hurt the top of my finger. which is why i'm now re-grateful for the real deal.
- high-def. (what? who you callin a "man"?)
- free samples at the grocery store. especially in the bakery section. helloooooooo artisan bread.
- ooh. artisan bread.
- the ability to forget, while i'm driving, that i'm driving a minivan. in my head it's a sleek silver beamer. that happens to smell like french fries and periodically blast "puff the magic dragon" while transporting the 3 aforementioned kidlets to and fro. okay, i guess it's always a minivan, in my head and out. but it runs, dangit, and for that i'm grateful.

Happy Sunday.


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

See I told ya, stalker. Yup, that's me :) but I love the dress. I 'm not gonna lie I'm running out the door and didn't have time to read the post. I just wanted to drop a line so that I wouldn't be real stalker by stoping by and not saying hi.

Peggy said...

Your dress today looks super cute! Love the contrast of the light dress with dark belt and pop of color accessories! Great thankful list and what a great idea! I did a Thankful Through November on my blog and it did the heart good!

E said...

I'm with you on the cheese and high def. Both are key, especially on days like today. And can I just say that I'm in love with your dress. The layered necklaces are gorgeous, too.

P.S. I'm waiting with bated breath to see how you do the double digits.

Jenn said...

I love your dress. And it puffs out when you twirl. Even cooler!

*Ashley* said...

such a cute dress. i love twirly dresses. i could just spin and spin and spin all day.

mk said...

i do something similar that i call 'friday favorites' on my family blog: www.thekamosifamily.blogspot.com. i think having a weekly gratitude list is such a great idea! and i love your dress. :)


ps i posted my 7 things from the style blogger award, thanks again! :)

Kristen said...

Okay, I know I say this everyday, but this number is my favorite. Really, truly, you have outdone yourself this time!

Love the twirly, girly dress. So fun. And gratitude is good. Always. :)

RaeLynn said...

I have been sleepless in Salt Lake waiting to see how you'd do #6 and you pulled it off beautifully!! I am loving this. I als love that you're doing the 30x30 challenge because it's totally entertaining.

Ashley J said...

I started cracking up when I opened up your post and saw your number 6, so funny! This may just be one of my favorite outfits on you!

grace said...

Ooh, I love this! What a great way to wear white in the winter. The white dress/black tights/gray booties really works for me.

Mrs. Kat said...

Hi Britney,
New follower here. Love you blog! You crack me up :)

Lo said...

loving these pretty neutrals with the pop of color from the necklace!

and your number? bhahahaha. you are great.

A-C said...

You are so funny! What will you do when you get to double digits? I love the white dress and coral jewelry. So pretty.

theresa said...

aha your are too cute! love the dress!!

Melissa said...

Well I'm grateful that I found your blog!

This is a gorgeous outfit, so simple with the black/white/gray but the gray added in gives it such depth and the pop of color in the necklace is PERFECT!

Pearl Girls said...

Love this outfit!! I love anything white/black or white/navy. I don't know why...I guess because it usually looks so classic.


katy said...

um, i love you for the body 6.

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