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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I will wear tights in March...I will wear tights in March...

 shoes: famous footwear maybe? jeans: kohl's. shirt: gap. vest: thrifted. belt: forever21. bracelet: don't recall. necklace: gift. poses-with-prop: discontinued.
Can someone please remind me to NOT use props in these photo shoots? I mean, really.
Hey guys. Remember how yesterday I was all (read the following in a taunting, high-pitched valley-girl voice), "I"m wearing a skirt even though it's cold and there's nothing anybody can do about it including mother nature because I am captain of the world apparently." Remember that? Kind of? No? It's okay to admit it...I hardly remember either exCEPT... 

...it turns out that the world doesn't warm up simply because some girl goes bare-legs-with-skirt. In fact, it was freezing, and I ended up wearing leg warmers all day, which probably looked stupid but I didn't care because I was chilly-cold.

So. What did I learn from this little exercise in Life's Laboratory? Several things:
(1) There's probably no reason to shave my legs until July.
(2) Mother Nature is a meanie-head.
(3) My Skinny Jeans are beloved friends and will never betray me in fickle March weather. Thank you, SJ. Remind me to buy you a treat later. Like pnut m&ms. I'll give you the green ones. And by "you," I of course mean "me."
[Editor's note: I actually did have on a skirt this morning until some friends decided to meet up at the park for a picnic lunch, so, as an older and wiser girl than the one who lived yesterday, I swapped the skirt out for jeans. I liked the skirt better, but, frankly, my goosebumps are all tuckered-out from their overstay yesterday. Poor little dears.]

Happy Thursday.

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The Suburb Experiment said...

I keep pulling out my sandals and wedges in a lame attempt to force mother nature's hand too. It's not working. Obvs.


Tiffany said...

Awww, I'm not rubbing this in, I promise!! But I feel SO BAD for those of you still having to endure the cold weather! =( I don't think I'd survive in any state colder than Florida.

Love love love your red vest!

Little Lovables said...

Super cute... I know it's exciting for the warmth to come, but I'm kinda still loving the cool weather.

miss lewis said...

man! i loved this post...mostly because I could relate to EVERYTHING. like shaving until july--i mean, seriously, i live in Oregon...I haven't seen the sun in months!? and point in case, for number 2, all mother nature seems to do is pour rain on me. go figure.
Also...you should know. that your "spring has sprung" post on wednesday. I am making a mental image in my head to someday copy that outfit. i LOVE LOVE LOVE (did i mention LOVE) it! :)

romwe said...

So fantastic. I love your blog, definitely following!
Have a great day


Liz said...

I loved your interview on required2beinspired! I didn't know you that you're a runner! Me too! I just ran a half marathon last weekend and have another one on the 10th. I am training for my first full marathon (the marine corps) this October!

Smart girl to wear jeans instead of a skirt - I am still not giving in and came to work in 3/4 sleeves and no coat today.


Elissa said...

You are hysterical. I cackled out loud over your not-shaving-your-legs until-July comment. So, so true. Made me wonder why I didn't go au natural all winter. I mean, what's the point?


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