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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

vest it up, buttercup.

 shoes: steve madden. jeans & jacket: kohl's. shirt: a.n.a. brand. vest: thrifted (homemade). watch: target. necklace: don't recall. belt & headband: forever21.

Notice how I'm hardly smiling in any of these? I actually am smiling...inside. I've been blowing my nose so much these past two days that my nose & upper lip are raw and it hurts to smile. Upper lip? you're asking. That's so gross. What's she doing, smearing stuff around like a 2-year-old? A fair assumption, I suppose, since I was 2 years old once. But, no. I actually have an efficient noseblow. It's just thorough. And, these days, excessive.

And if THAT wasn't what you wanted to read about this morning, well, I just don't quite know what to say. 'Cept don't take great pains to eavesdrop on dinnertime conversations around here, because I've got three kiddos and maybe a husband (but I won't say for sure...but yes) who think everything to do with every type of bodily function and noise is hilariousness and repeatable joke-telling fodder.

All this insight makes you want to be my friend, doesn't it. And run, not walk, to your friendly neighborhood Wall Street guy to take out stock in kleenex company. Either way, I think your future's looking bright. As bright as my nose. And that's something.

p.s. I can't remember if it's cheating to wear a vest with the 30x30 items, but I'm going to say no because it's like an accessory. Right? (*wink wink*) Right. Glad we agree.

Happy Wednesday.

Want this look? Check out the stuff below...


Caitlin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - yours is so cute (as are you). You seem way too stylish to be a mother (of 3?), but that's a good thing :) I love all of the outfits I've seen so far! I'll be sure to check back!

Abbe said...

This outfit is great!
And, can I just tell you, you crack me up every time!
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Tara said...

I'm still not entirely convinced shoes shouldn't count as an accessory, so you are TOTALLY acceptable counting the vest as one!

Melissa said...

You are adorable! I'm sorry you're so "snotty" right now though! I hope you feel better soon.

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Tiffany said...

You are so funny and so cute! I love the vest and say that its perfectly acceptable to use it as an accessory just because of its cuteness factor, if nothing else! =) Hope you get to feeling better!

Jilliebeanie said...

Oh, sweet Brit. Your blog is my comic relief on these days when nothing is funny (yet everything is).

And yes. The vest IS an accessory.

Cydney said...

Um, yes. I would have to say that a vest that cute is totally an accessory. Yup. ;)
You are doing GREAT with the challenge. I am quite impressed with your contortionist skillz as well. :)

Elissa said...

Blech. Colds are the worst, aren't they? I'm so sorry you're sick. You wouldn't know it because you look amaze-balls in this outfit. I adore the vest. And concur that of course it's an accessory. Because we said so.


Rebecca said...

I like the way the vest looks, so I don't think it is cheating.

Pineapple said...

Why don't I ever wear vests under blazers or jackets? What a completely obvious thing - that's how they're traditionally worn! And yet I've never thought of it. Thank you for this fabulous idea!

Also, my lip gets chapped when I'm runny, too. I don't really want to talk about it at dinner, but I don't mind sympathizing about it on your blog. : P

Anyway, cute cute! Good idea.

Cassandra said...

I don't think it's cheating to wear a vest. Especially one that is this cute! Love the color.

I hope that when I'm a mother (which won't be for a while, but still), I will be as fashionable as you! ;)

dotty said...

great vest! and it's definitely not cheating! total accessory!

Leah said...

You are almost done - goodbye 30 for 30 challenge. Now you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your closet :)
Hope you get to feeling better and SOON! This virus/bug going around in our area is lasting forEVER! :(

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