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Saturday, March 12, 2011

wet hair & red face, but I snapped the photos anyway. gold star.

boots: target. tights: gift. skirt: don't recall (self-modified). shirt: american eagle. belt: thrifted. jacket: gap. earrings: hawaii.


It's Saturday, guys, and I've spent 5+ hours of this glorious weekend day in the car on the freeway. With three children. Hucking fruit snacks and capri suns back to them. Listening to KidzBop (or something) and questions about whether or not we're there yet. Both on repeat.

You'll forgive me, then, when I make this post record-short because I can't sit at my computer for another 2 seconds, as the lactic acid from my jog this morning continues to burn my legs. And my butt, but that's not ladylike to talk about. So, forgives? Pretty please? Thanks a mil.

Happy Saturday!
Want this look? Dive in...


Ariana said...

I love how the colors go together - and I love your positive attitude, every time I watch one of your pictures I have to smile :-)

Laura said...

Your pictures still look amazing, even with the wet hair!
Born To Be Styled

Colleen said...

How far did you jog? (I had my longest run ever today. 15 miles)

Tara said...

One, I love this skirt! And your styling on this outfit is adorable. It feels like the casual/comfy/stylish combo I strive for, but never quite reach...I always look like I'm trying too hard, or something. Looks pretty effortless here :)

Two, FIVE hours? THREE kids? I'm both impressed and horrified :)

Sara K.S. Hanks said...

The video of Rixa's labor hula is inexplicably part of your post in my google reader ... ? But not part of your post when I come straight to the blog ... ? Hmm, curious. But I like Rixa. And I like your skirt and sopping wet braids.

Jess said...

Those tights are pretty much the perfect colour. Not too pink, not too purple, not too dark or light. I approve! Esepecially with the Target boots of glory :)

Tiffany said...

Even with the wet hair, red face and burning bum, you still look adorable! ;) I love that swishy skirt.

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