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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Feature: Unexpected & Maybe Awesome Linkup

Unexpected & Maybe Awesome
 shoes: steve madden. jeans: don't recall. sash: taken off an old navy shirt. shirt: gap. belt: forever21. jacket: banana republic. necklace: gift.

I'm loving surprising details lately. Well, mostly...I found a (literal) little peanut butter handprint on the thigh of my jeans a few days ago that was dry and crusty (a.k.a. who knows how long it'd been there), which was actually an unexpected detail I could've done without.

But MOST of the time, whether it's something small, like a unique pendant on a necklace, or something huge, like the entire ensemble, I'm loving unexpected (and maybe awesome) details. It's like George Washington Carver said: "When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world."

And what's your purpose in life, if not world domination? Be honest... 

ANYways. I think mixing unexpected stuff into our daily lives makes us more creative, more spontaneous, and more easy-going. My Unexpected & Maybe Awesome component in this ensemble is the off-centered sash and the wide armness of the bolero-esque jacket. I like the whimsy. And I like how I copied myself from a couple months ago. That's unexpected, right? Right.

So. I'd LOVE to see your ideas and implementation of Unexpected and Maybe Awesome. Anything goes. Maybe you wore cowboy boots with a dress, maybe you wore pearls with jeans, maybe you wore three shirts, maybe you wore a random color...or eight random colors. Whatever! Make it an unexpected surprise for all of us. Which is kind of the point. :)

Here's what you do:

1. Put this button on your blog or in your linked-up post.
2. Click the "Click here to enter" button.
3. On "Link it to:" link to one specific Unexpected & Maybe Awesome outfit post from your blog.
4. On "Caption or Title:" explain, in 25 letters or fewer, what's unexpected & maybe awesome in the ensemble (e.g., Boots with lace skirt.) If you need more space, you can expound on the unexpectedness and awesomeness that is You in this post's comment section.

Let the expectation of the unexpected begin! (linkup Wednesday & Thursday)

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