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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday. Snowday. Whatever.

boots & belt: kohl's. skirt: thrifted. sweater: american eagle. coverage tee & necklace: downeast basics. bracelets: don't recall.
This week, I'm grateful for:

- having enough random food in the house to throw together a decent meal or two without having to go grocery shopping. (Have I told you how much I don't love grocery shopping? Yes? Well, fine.)
- snowtime with kids. Including showing my 6-year-old what being "whitewashed" means...
- and his being a good learner. I'm still getting snow bits out of my left ear and nostril.
- family time in general.
- kissable 2-year-old cheeks. I wish I could freeze time. Or at least her kissy cheeks. But that would be gross and, therefore, counterproductive in the kissability. So.
- unexpected mail.
- a 4-year-old determined to earn herself a certain zhu-zhu pet and, thus, becoming my personal slave. (Note to self: Write Mr. Zhu-Zhu a letter of gratitude for selling such kid-covetable merch...)
- spring break. Sleeping in. Staying up late. Doing nothing productive but many things worthwhile.
- starburst jelly beans.
- easter egg hunts as pasttime in the living room.
- a husband who knows of all my faults and lameties but who pretends to know of none.
- parents coming back home from Sweden in fewer than 3 months.
- pencil sharpeners.
- kid shampoo+conditioner in one.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

1 comment:

Kati said...

Sometimes I wish I could freeze my kiddos too.
Why are your parents in Sweeden? Mission? It will be nice to have them home:)

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