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Monday, May 23, 2011

magic 101: illusion of an hourglass on a box

I can breathe again!! Oh, how glorious are sinus-clearing meds and the resultant cleared sinuses. But mostly the meds.
 shoes: unionbay. pants: gap. shirt: ana. headband: borrowed from a belted shirt from downeast basics. watch: target.

I kinda feel like a pirate today (can you guess in which pic I'm audibly saying, "arrrrgh, matey"? It's super subtle, so take your time...). And also? I have a super square torso and no hips to speak of (a.k.a., I'm a human refrigerator box), but I like the illusion of feminine form that the pleating on this shirt creates. So I'm a feminine pirate, all right? Sue me. It's not like it's totally unheard of. (Pirates of Penzance, anyone?) 

Today I'm packing for our family trip to (shhhhh) Disneyland, a 12-hour drive in ideal conditions (i.e., no traffic or potty stops), meaning it will take us at least 20 hours. The kids still don't know the purpose; they just know that we're going to California. We're not exactly what you'd call world travelers, as evidenced by the questions I've fielded this weekend. Questions like:

"Do they speak the same language as us in California?"
"Can we watch one movie on our long drive? Will we be able to finish it before we get there?"
"What kind of food do they eat in California? Can we take some fruit snacks in case we don't like it?"
"Can we visit the Atlantic Ocean on our way home from California?"
"I don't want to go on a long car drive. I'll just ride my bike and meet you there."

I.Can't.Wait. to introduce our kids to the magical place that is D-land. I'm prob more excited than they would be, if they knew.

Never fear, though, friends. I have some magnificent guest posters lined up for your reading enjoyment while I'm gone. And I'll be back next week...unless I decide my life would be more fulfilling as a guide on Pirates of the Caribbean. After all, I'd fit right in, as you've seen...

Happy Monday.

Ahoy thar! Want this look? Check out the stuff below... (no, seriously, do it. there's a funny surprise...at least, I think it's funny.)

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Natasha Atkerson said...

Hmm...let me see...no I can't tell which one your saying "arrrgh, matey" in..LOL! *GRIN*
You look very nice! Plus, your pants are very modest (something hard to come by!)
Stop by my blog if you get a chance,
A Modest Fashion Blog:

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