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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

layered like an onion. a 1-layered onion, sure, but an onion nonetheless...

 shoes: steve madden. dress & necklace: forever21. belt: kohl's. shirt: eddie bauer (?). watch: target. flower clip: downeast basics. earrings: hawaii.

My brain is still on vacation. And by "vacation" I of course mean "absent and/or scattered and/or eating cotton candy." Remember those one posters from the 90s, "this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs"? I don't actually remember more than that on the posters, 'cept eggs were involved somehow. And maybe bacon.

Speaking of...my husband loves bacon. Personally, I could live without it, mostly because whenever I cook it, my house reeks of 1-, 2-, and 3-day-old bacon stench. Which, if you've never experienced it, isn't something to live for. Unless you're my husband and son. Then, by all means, feel free to build a life's motto around the wrinkly crinkly strips of meat-speckled-fat somehow. And I'll stitch your words onto a pillow. After I learn to stitch.

Know what I don't need to learn anymore? This: despite their festive and brightly colored plastic coverings, hot glue guns are not kidding around about the "hot" part of their name. Three blisters later, this girl's got herself some serious Life's-Lessons-turned-Motivational-Speech fodder. Bring on the auditoriums full of impressionable youth; they'll learn from me and believe. Booyah.

Happy Wednesday.

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