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Thursday, June 30, 2011

a whole lotta nothing

skirt: american eagle. shirt: j.crew. necklace: gift. bracelets: forever21 & burntsiena designs.

You know that song that goes, "Today I feel like not doing anything, I just want to stay here in bed" or whatever? He goes on to sing about how he's too lazy to get dressed or answer his phone...and then some inappropriate stuff that I had to change the channel on. 

Still, the idea of doing nothing remains. And, not to brag, but my day today makes THAT guy's day look like an 18-hour shift of intense ER-esque overtime. Me? All I have to show for today is the fact that I'm barefoot. Because our car is in the shop and is costing virtually $millions$ to get it repaired. So I'm shoeless and under house arrest. Both of which kind of make me a non-consumer and, thereby, a financial contributor to our household today.

My husband will be so proud.

Know how else I'm super helpful and frugal? I'm off to whip up some flour and water into dinner. Which may not sound delicious until I tell you this: it'll also have expired baking cocoa sprinkled on top. So. I just hope you're taking notes, people.

Happy Thursday.

Want this look? Shop below. You can disregard the shoes, but I'll be wearing similar footwear on my death march to the auto repair place...

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