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Monday, July 11, 2011

i've thought about it...and i think maybe money CAN buy happiness.

 shoes & shirt: forever21. shorts: american eagle. belt: thrifted (american eagle).
Is the greyishness of my legs in these photos as disturbing to you as it is to me? Yes? Even moreso? Oh. Okay. Just checking.

This ensemble couldn't be more yawn-worthy than if I'd dressed in head-to-toe pocketed khakiwear. And even that would've been an upgrade, because let's be honest--pockets! They hold everything, like chapstick and a camera and money and lint and the back of an earring that you thought you'd never see again but, lo and behold, there it is right next to the couch, but don't feel too bad that you hadn't seen it there before because those spilled popcorn kernels were keeping it well camoflauged. So. Pockets = A+.

The only thing this outfit has going for it is the fact that today's almost over, and the clothes will all hit the laundry hamper in a few short hours. It's like a time-out for clothes. "You just sit there and you think about what you've done today, young lady shirt."

But some outfits are like that, and I embrace that fact. Know what else I embrace? When a hairstyle has been going for a few hours, and there's some natural "falling out" happening, like on the opposite side of my side ponytail here. I like how it's lived-in casual, it's effortless, yet still (kind of) pretty and approachable. And also, it's a step up from this guy...maybe:

Happy Tuesday.

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