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Sunday, July 24, 2011

a nurse's dress and a couple of ponytails

shoes: steve madden. dress: gap. belt: thrifted for my son's pirate costume, then stolen for myself. necklaces: random places. 

 This week I'm grateful for:

- swimming pools.
- surprise visits from family. And planned visits. And any visits, for that matter.
- hearing "Mom! This is the BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER!!!" from my son...annnd his party-attending friends. (Minus the "mom" part, of course.)
- this blog. And you adorable readers.
- Roald Dahl. The man was a genius storyteller.
- a healthy body. Which might not last long, because I'm also grateful for...
- ...eating ice cream and cake for many days in a row. Sometimes multiple times in one day. I know. I win. And by "I" I of course mean "my blooming fat cells."
- a 2-year-old who pretends to "read" a scripture verse and always starts with, "And it tame to pass..." and usually involves Jesus, a king, a queen, and a monkey. And a swimming pool or bathtub, one of the two. And she's utterly, adorably sincere.
- fresh salsa and "hint of lime" tortilla chips. If you haven't tried those, run -- don't walk -- to your nearest grocery store and pick up a bag. Those puppies are DELISH.

Happy Sunday.

1 comment:

Raych said...

Love that dress lady! I have shoe envy. And also, perhaps, cake envy.

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