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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this challenge brought to you by the number "23"

Sooo...remember how I only had 23 items in my 30x30? Remember how I'm getting lazy? (Or, rather, remember how I was born lazy?) Remember how I never claimed to be an all-star overachiever? (unless a lifetime supply of pnut m&ms is at stake, which naturally changes everything...)

Good. Then it will come as no surprise to you that I'm going to call and fold the 30x30 here and now. Mine just happens to be its lesser-known and wart-nosed cousin, 23x23. 

For your viewing pleasure and/or nostalgic tendencies:

The best part about this challenge, in my opinion, is seeing all the ensembles together in one chunk. You can definitely tell what items were easy (and difficult) to remix, for one reason or another. Here's what I learned this go-round:

- I own lots and lots of solid tops. Which, when worn over and over, gets redundant.
- It's harder for me than I thought it would be to remix certain detailed tops (such as the brown embroidered top in this challenge) because I feel like they need fairly neutral bottoms.
- I love love LOVE to mix prints and patterns. It makes me happy.
-  The super-potential of frumpiness of knee-length shorts can usually be abated with a pair of heels and some kind of interesting detail in the ensemble.
- Red makes a fabulous accent color.
- Skinny jeans and tweed jackets are not all that appealing to wear in the summer. For me.
- Interesting, unique detail(s) -- even if it's just one -- makes all the difference in the "success" of an ensemble. Without something unique, I feel like the entire thing falls flat. Like day 22. Blugh.

My favorite emsenbles to wear were on days 3, 12, and 19. Those strappy sandals and my khaki shorts earned their keep and definitely fall into the higher tax bracket here.

Thoughts? Comments? Snide remarks? Let's hear 'em.

Happy Wednesday.

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