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Sunday, August 7, 2011

a one-track mind...and a reorganized living room

 shoes: steve madden. skirt & belt: kohl's. shirt: j.crew. necklace: downeast basics. bracelet: forever21. watch: target.

This week, I'm grateful for:

- the fact that I can eat what I want, when I want at home and not worry that bears are going to come sniff me out.
- family vacations and camping (read more about it here if you'd like).
- beef jerky.
- hot showers and soap and shampoo and razors.
- waterproof tents.
- truckbeds.
- campfires...and getting to the point where you stink so bad that campfire smoke actually improves your self-aroma.
- watching kids get creative with playing outside all day every day, no electronics, no toys, no nothing but their own brains, some sticks, and siblings & cousins.
- national parks.
- mosquito deaths. Seriously. Each one is a victory for mankind.
- barbeques and game nights with friends who have kids who are friends with my kids.

Happy Sunday.

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