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Monday, January 30, 2012

because maybe a pregnant woman WOULD make a great lumberjack.

I made a purchase earlier this winter that I want to share with you all, as it has made me prolly the happiest I've been since, well, it's a tie between the birth of my youngest kid and being given a fresh loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Either way: super happy.

Purchase Of Joy: Clarks desert boots.
 (Note: Sadly, Clarks is neither paying me to advertise for them nor aware that I even exist. I'm known to them only as something along the lines of "Order #682023679." But I'm sure they chose those numbers with love...)

I wear these puppies everywhere, and they tolerantly "go" with whatever I've chosen to throw on that day. Which is especially nice, because when one's belly nearly doubles every week, it's hard to be picky about one's wardrobe. Jeans? Sure. Skirt? Fun. Bathrobe? You betcha.

But these shoes. I heart them.

My goal for the week is to commandeer a plaid shirt from my husband and go for the "in-my-prime-I-could've-passed-for-a-lumberjack" look. Join me, won't you?
Next footwear purchase: a delightful pair of Hunter rainboots...with a side of pumpkin choc-chip bread, please.

Happy Monday.

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