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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cutest aprons for little girls!

Hey friends!

It's been a while since I posted. Obv. Let me just say this: I have gained a new appreciation for people who can simultaneously blog whilst growing a baby. We're expecting a little girl to transition from my body to the crib in just a few short months, which is terribly exciting. My suspicion is high that she'll be an Olympics-style gymnast. Just a maternal hunch based on nothing, really, 'cept a few bruised internal organs and some late-night acrobatics happening beneath the skin of my belly-turned-playground.

You'll understand, then, when I say that I've got little girl clothing and accessories on the brain. Including some that won't be needed for a few years yet. Like the (warning: shameless self-promotion ahoy) darling retro/modern children's aprons at my new etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DarlingSparrow  Can I please live vicariously through your purchases of these sweet things? They're absolutely adorable, especially in person. I want them all. I mean, c'mon, pom-pom trim? Rickrack? Grosgrain ribbon? Floral-with-stripes? Stop it. For cute. 

So. Happy Tuesday, my friends. I've missed you guys. To show you how much, I'll share this embarrassing story: I went to put on a belt the other day under my already-enormous belly. I specifically chose a belt that has historically been way too big, for a little ego boost and proof that I'm not "that big" "yet." Imagine the laughter of the Powers That Be when I discovered that I couldn't even clasp it. At all. Ah the joys, slash, reality checks of pregnancy.

So, what do we learn from this story? Nothing, really. Only that you (or your moms, grandmoms, and/or friends) should order these cutest aprons for your daughters. My girls wear theirs during dinnertime, craft time, baking experiments, art attempts, and dishwashing hour where the sink is filled to overflowing with bubbly suds. Pretty awesome. http://www.etsy.com/shop/DarlingSparrow

Okay, I'm done now. You're welcome.

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