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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

denim: the great neutralizer

 shoes: steve madden. skirt: vintage. shirt & cardigan: gap. necklace: gift.

Happy Leap Day! My friend's daughter turns "2" today (actually 8, but she's a Leap Day baby, and I like to tell jokes that never get old). Other than that little tidbit, though, it's just a regular day around here, full of muddy paw prints on the wood floor and justifications of chocolate cake for breakfast. Y'know, the usual.

I realized after I got dressed here that nothing I'm wearing really matches. I mean, sure, the denim skirt is a gimme, as are the neutral bootie heels, but my top half is crazy-random. We've got some mustard, red, and blue in the shirt, some pastel lemonade-pink and mint-green in the cardigan, and a full-on salmony coral necklace.

Here's one thing I've learned about meself in the past month: I'm pretty lazy about some things lately. Like retyping the word "meself" into "myself" (nope). Or doing my social duty and changing my clothes to, if not look great, at least make some sort of sense (uh-uh).

So today there's just meh-ness to my madness. But it's still a good day because I got my highly recommended Poppy King (J.Crew) lipstick the other day, and I can't stop wearing it. It's like a fire-alarm wake-up-call to my face. And, really, aren't we all going for that?...Guys?...aren't we?...ah crap...

Happy Leap-Day Wednesday.

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