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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my mind's eye needs glasses.

Today I channeled my inner this:
...but somehow ended up looking like this: 

It just doesn't make sense. Oh, wait. Yes it does. Different, ah, body types currently.

Dah well. Win some, lose some. So I lost the look-like-a-Land's-End-Canvas-model contest, sure, but guess how I won today? Six loads of laundry folded & put away, cleaned kitchen, homemade soup & breadsticks, and nursery somewhat organized. Plus hugs and loves to my two little ladies, who spent the en.TI.re. day snuggled into my bed watching PBS, sick as camels.

"Sick as camels?" you want to ask. But don't. Just run with it. And drink at the nearest oasis.

(p.s. Do you think the model above looked as flexiblicious putting HER shoes on before the photo shoot? Me too. I'm sure of it.)

shoes: clarks. jeans: old navy (on loan). shirt: gap. scarf: vintage.

Happy Wednesday.

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