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Monday, October 7, 2013

maybe I'm practicing being a pumpkin

I had a very witty and pithy blog post written to accompany these pics.
flats: J. Crew
jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
chambray shirt: J. Crew
orange cableknit sweater: J. Crew
The post was warm and endearingly clever and funny and would've made you all want to be my friend, even though I self-deprecatingly referenced Jay Leno's love for denim-on-denim and coined the phrase "pumpk rock" in reference to my sweater.

 Somehow the whole post got deleted. *poof*
So you're left with these photos, an incomplete pop culture reference of questionable style, and a view of my feet.
At least the flats are cute.
Happy Monday. (or is it?)
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Katie Did What said...

Cute outfit! Loving the sweater- you definitely pull off orange very well!


Lottie Moore said...

Nice.That orange color sweater is looking very colorful. I like that.
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Brittney said...

@Katie - You're nice. I guess, if you can't wear bright orange in October, when CAN you wear it? :)
@Lottie - Yep, colorful is definitely a good way to put it. I do love wearing some color on a cloudy day, for sure.

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