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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

when the going gets tough, the tough do laundry

I'm having trouble thinking about anything to write about today.
wedges: 6pm.com (Eagle Mountain brand, maybe? I can't remember)
skinny jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
v-neck tee: American Eagle Outfitters
trench: Forever 21
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
I suppose I could gleefully describe how I successfully completed the household's laundry. Everyone's stuff, washed and folded and put away. All of it. Except, now that I think about it, maybe there's still one more load in the dryer.
But if I leave it there until next week, I can still count this week's laundry done. Right?
Yes, this is my life. These are the realities I think about, people. You can't make this stuff up.

Happy laundry-day Wednesday.
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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just adore that second photo of your and your daughter. That is too precious - her face is adorable! Blessed my heart when I saw these photos. :D Love both of y'all's outfits.

Brittney said...

@Callie - She is my right-hand-man every morning when the older kids are at school. And she has the happiest gut laugh you've ever heard, which makes me want to eke it out of her as much as possible!

Rekita Nicole said...

first, love the photo of you and your daughter, priceless. And I love her poncho...i know the post is about your outfit, lol..but i love her poncho.

Thanks for linking up to a Lovely Thursday Link-Up! Hope to see you next week!

Brittney said...

@Rekita - I'm glad you love her poncho as much as I do! It's the first thing I put her in after every wash cycle. :)

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