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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

because i felt like being a newscaster today. that's why.

Today's jumping-off point was these wide leg pants. Subtle grey pinstripe on that lovely is-it-blue-or-is-it-black? color, and we're in business. And I wanted something neutral but still an actual color on top: pale yellow button-up it is. Originally, it was topped with a baby blue short-sleeve sweater. But the sweater was smaller (translation: tighter) than the shirt was, so I looked suuuuper lumpy. No thanks.

I switched to this grey vest. At first I was hesitant because everything just felt so bland. But after adding a shiny turquoise and green brooch at my neck and my favorite shimmery braided metallic belt and a couple simple bracelets [Editor's ntoe: Because I'm a recovering bracelaholic. Actually, not even recovering. Full-fledged still ensconced in bracelethood and in serious denial that there's even a problem.], things felt more balanced.

[Editor's note: Oh, and...see those socks? Worn oh-so-confidently with my favorite flats? Yeah. That's because it's snowing outside. And while I naturally have a body temperature that rivals what's-his-werewolf in Twilight, I'm not in love with snow falling in my shoes and melting on my bare feet as I walk. So. Yep. Socks. We good here? Good.]

And with my hair straightened, I feel like a newscaster. Which makes me want to make an announcement. [Editor's note: 10 points for an excellent segway.] [Assistant Editor's note: Really? 10 points? It's like a pay raise!] [Editor's note: Don't get ahead of yourself...]

(ahem) Announcement: Recently, a man mentioned to Pocket, "I saw your wife's blog-thing the other day... Man, I'm glad MY wife isn't like that! I wouldn't have any money left to buy toys!"

Although I'm happy to be the cause of another man's reiterating his preference for his own wife (always!), I feel like I may have not made myself, and the purpose of this blog, clear. Let me do so now: This blog is based on the fact that I have many many old clothes that were gathering dust in my closet. Many of my clothes are hand-me-downs, or yard sale finds, or from high school/college days. My body shape has changed several times over the past decade, and therefore the majority of my wardrobe is comprised of hodge-podge, somewhat ill-fitting pieces.

The whole point in taking pics of myself every day (a somewhat embarrassing and extremely vulnerability-inducing endeavor in and of itself) is to show that a normal girl can still make do with what she has--she can look modern and appropriate and at least moderately stylish even with old stuff. It doesn't take a lot of money (which I don't have). It simply takes some thought and creativity. And a very big smile.

Happy Wednesday.


Emily said...

I was just wondering who the photographer was. You always look so happy and goofy and relaxed. I love it!

A Slip Shop said...

I LOVE the brooch. Very cute!


shealennon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did--I'm having fun looking at yours! Your photos are great, and you have such great ideas. I'll have to try a brooch as a button.

Megan Mae said...

Wearing your clothes is a great reason to blog. It helps you keep from forgetting clothes. That's a great jacket!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Mets GirLL said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog..I have been hooked on OOTD blogs! I love yours!

Also, I ordered Birch Box for myself..why not order it for you?? Tis the season for giving..give to yourself! lol

DaniellaBella said...

The broach is a wonderful idea! I just may steal it!

Orchid Grey said...

you have a wonderful smile and this outfit looks great on you! Thank you for your sweet comment and for stopping by my blog!

Andie said...

I started my blog for similar reasons- and because I kept buying things without considering what was already in my closet!

Tiffany told me about your blog and I'm so glad she did. Love it so far!!!

Brittney said...

thanks, you guys... several items to address: (a) brooch = yes! try it! and send me a pic so i can see how you've worn yours! (b) seriously, i'm finding stuff i didn't even know i had. it's like christmas...at christmastime....but for free. beautiful. (c) my jacket is a total hand-me-down and quite nicely resembles a carpet bag. which is partly why i love it so. :)

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