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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You have Christmas lights on your tree? Huh. I wear mine...

You don't even want to ask the question, because at heart you're a polite person, but I know you can't stop thinking about it, so I'm just going to address the elephant in the room right now. A very white elephant. Yes, that pasty sickly color IS the skin of my winter-white legs. No tights, not color enhancement, no nothin'. Thanks for bringing it up.

[Awkward cyber-pause.]

(ahem) So. Now. Today's jumping-off point was actually this fabulous chocolate cowl-sweater-dress combo. 3-for-1. It's awesome. Originally, I'd planned on pairing it with some skinny jeans. But for some reason, I wasn't feeling the skinnies today. Skinny jean overload, maybe. But I still needed something form-fitting on my lower half to balance out the silhouette of the sweater dress. And to emphasize my extremely large calves.

[Editor's note: Oh, wait. I didn't want to do that at ALL. It just sorta happened. Nuts. But, then again, it's hard to avoid with puppies like these calves. Large and in charge, they are. Especially in their current LED-bright-white-Christmas-light state. But, you know what? They get me to where I need to be. Like the fridge. So, no complaints.]

But leggings fit the bill. As did, once again, this lovely salmony necklace for a bit of color. Add some chunky bracelets, a brown leather belt (with great flower cutout detailing), and a wide leather headband. Which is supposed to look like some kind of reptile skin, I think. But it doesn't. At all. Which, frankly, makes it kind of endearing. ("Aww, sweetie, you tried. Did your best. I'll protect you from the taunts of those mean ol' impressively-faux-snakeskin purses...")

And red Converse. Just because they're red Cons. And I wanted to casual-ify (yep) the overall vibe of this ensemble, despite an accessory overload. I think they're unexpected and maybe awesome here. And, bonus, they take some of the attention away from the bluish-white of ye ol' legs. Which ain't easy.

Happy Tuesday.


Kristin said...

You've got me hooked! I have started checking this everyday since I saw you posted it on fb. I love this blog! You are so creative and very witty. I love reading your funny posts. Thanks for sharing, I especially think today's outfit fun and fashionable.... I am starting to look at my closet full of boring old clothes as not so boring!

Emily said...

Brittney, I just found your blog. You are so cute! And fashionable. Anyway, good luck with your goal. I'm 100% positive I could never wear something different everyday. I'm excited to check everyday and see your progress.

Good job!
Loved the blue outfit from yesterday.

Julie said...

I am in love with this outfit your calves. They are NOT big. Seriously. What is wrong with you? You have nothing on your body that is big except your heart (ahhhh.) Wipe away your tear. Oh & your smile & sometimes your hair. p.s I'm a little upset that you didn't mention that i gave you one of those bracelets. What-evuh.

minkandcappuccino said...

great accessories and pieces put together to create such amazing style!

please visit/follow my blog & twitter if you'd like
(interview with Kim Mesches, featuring BleuDame and holiday gift guides pt. 1 and 2 uploaded!!)
twitter @divalicious_m

Emma said...

I love your gorgeous necklace!


Eyeliah said...

very cute with the sneakers. :)

Brittney said...

@kristin & emily: hi!!!!! i'm so happy you guys check this blog. seriously. even though i'm sorry you're addicted, kristin...addiction is never good. unless it's for that fruit&yogurt special k cereal. then it's encouraged.
@julie: you DID give me one of those bracelets. so sorry i didn't give you credit, you excellent-taste-in-accessories friend, you. and, yes, i'm wiping away a tear at your sweetness. but als, i have to argue a few points of largeness, such as my calves, my forehead, and the zit that is about to pop out by my nose. hello.
@mink: i'll check out your blog. thanks for the invite.
@emma & eyeliah: you guys are so nice. seriously. thanks.

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