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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Meeeeee! (I mean, uh, Uuuuuusss...)

It's Paul's & my 9th anniversary today. The very very happiest years of my life. He's the best. Evidence? He lets me call him "Pauly Pocket." And sometimes just "Pocket" for short.

And he's not letting me pluck our chicken dinner tonight. Sooo, yeah. Billions of gold stars and smooches for him.

And we've celebrated so far by cleaning the house, changing the oil on the truck, making a trip to the grocery store, exercising, playing with kids, and watching football on TV. We're about to take the kids sledding. Which is why I'm dressed like this. Nothing like an argyle turtleneck sweater to scream ski-lodginess. If only I had a cardigan with moose and brass buttons on it, I'd throw that on, too.

I won't be wearing this for our actual anniversary celebration, of course. Because what I wear tonight may or may not (with heavy emphasis on may not) be appropriate to post here.

Happy Saturday.


Jennie Stanfield said...

Ahhh Britt you were born to write...and who knew, to model! I love your blog, your personality, and mostly, you.

val said...

happy anniversary to you and your sweets. hope you celebrated with a little romance and hamiltons? ;)

Julie said...

I super love this look on you. Even though this blog entry got a bit racey for me, I still liked it.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the argyle! great minds think alike :)

Megan Mae said...

Happy Anniversary! What a cute sweater, I love argyle.

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