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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sometimes, you've gotta just smile at yourself in the mirror and move on...

Today's jumping-off point was a cotton floral button-up shirt and a different floral patterned pencil skirt. Then I decided I didn't like the shirt with the skirt, so I changed shirts. Twice. Then I decided that maybe the offending party was the skirt, so out it went.

Ever had one of those days? Yeah. Me too. Like, today.

For some odd reason, I really really wanted to wear a floral today. And, if I'm honest with you (always), I wanted to pair it with a little Christmas sparkle. After all, my daughters were dressed in their velvety-satin holiday finery, and I wanted to join the fun. I finally settled on this shirt, which, I think, is a lovely shimmery number without being in-your-face.

[Editor's note: NOT that in-your-faceness is always bad. Like one time a kid was being a super big bully to my small toddler (I mean, come ON) at the park, and after a couple failed attempts at my rationally trying to stop said bullying acts, I reverted to a kid-appropriate version of in-your-face. Crisis averted.]

Where was I? Oh yes, the shirt. I also like the collar, how it's kind of wide but also feminine. And the diamond (or crystal...or zircon...but probably, let's be real honest here folks, plastic) buttons. I tried to go with simple elegance by pairing it with a black pencil skirt (with ivory embroidered flowers, because, as I mentioned before, I was feeling all floralish today). Add a soft black cardigan, a braided belt that matched the sheen of the shirt, and a simple silver necklace. Oh, and my very super favorite flower accessory in my hair. (Also worn here and here. Heh.)

Then I quickly undid every hint of sophistication by busting out a girl's white bead bracelet and plum tights. But it was a balance risk I was willing to take. Black leather boots [Editor's note: Have I told you about my calf complex yet? No? Okay, well, another time. I'm sure it'll surface in due course. But, a complex I most certainly have.], annnnnd...time to go.

I wasn't terribly happy with the end result. Maybe because I'm going through a feeling-frumpy phase [Editor's note: Which SURELY can't be a result of my consuming 100s of pounds of Christmas goodies over the past week...]. But after a few minutes of considering and reconsidering what I'm wearing, I reach a point where I need to move on and do the stuff of life. Like eating breakfast, tying shoes, and kissing owies.

Sooo...what you see is what everyone at church got. And the Christmas music was so splendid today that, really, who even cares.

Happy Sunday.


Julie said...

Your hired to come to my house to put all my outfits together for me.

Jennifer said...

Yes, the music was splendid today. You look fabulous and I love the curls in your hair.

Anonymous said...

love this post, you've got a great blog!
i'll be back for sure.. =]
and thanks for your sweet comments, they mean the world!
come back and visit the revamped COSMICaroline anytime!


Andrea said...

I would love to hear your 'calf complex'. I have one of my own...

SherryB said...

I want to hear your calf complex. Maybe I'll blog about mine tomorrow. It involves tree trunk legs....don't know what tree trunk legs are? I'll fill you tomorrow!! Be sure to drop by!!!

Sherry B

RaeLynn said...

Ok, I am dying that someone else in the WORLD proclaims that they have tree trunk legs!! I have to zip over to her website...but only after I tell you that this is one of my very favorite ensembles.

Tiffany said...

first of all, you are adorable. I love love love your fun poses and the carefree and non-serious tone of your blog. I was instantly hooked with your header. Also, yes I definitely have days where I start out fixated on one item and put together a look only to change one thing out for another, and another, and another... and then by the end Im not wearing anything I started with at all!

This outfit is great and I adore the plum tights. This is a great outfit for church: stylish, modest, and classy. Fun but not too loud. Perfect, especially with the flower pin in your hair.

Dina's Days said...

At last! A style blogger without all of the faux sexy model poses. You're so enthusiastic, and I appreciate that! You pulled Christmasy off very well. Following you to stay up to date!

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