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Friday, December 24, 2010

i feel like i'm forgetting something...

it's my birthday today. addie's helping me with this post. she's sporting her favorite kitty pjs and her not-favorite-but-moderately-clean bib. i think i should include her everyday. she's stinking cute.

boots: target. jeans: bullhead brand (?). belt: forever 21. vneck: old navy. cardigan: the limited. scarf & necklace: no idea. hair thing: smiths marketplace.
Can you guess how old I am? I'll give you a hint: it's subtly displayed in one of the cheesy photos above. Got it? Yep, 31. I'm strangely not really affected by birthdays. I don't go through this "wow, I'm getting sooooo oooooold" phase, I don't spend a lot of time in reflection about where my life has been and/or is headed, and I don't worry about wrinkles and grey hairs. Which I don't think I have yet, but the only reason why is (a) I don't consider smile lines wrinkles, and (b) my hair is a strange mix of colors in which grey, even if it's present, is overshadowed and outnumbered.

Probably, I'm just not mature enough to spend time in arbitrary deep thought when there's fun to be had with my favorite people.

Oooh, but one thing that IS obvious about my getting older is my wandering brain. Actually, sometimes it's not even wandering. It's shut down completely, on bed rest with only a catheter to funnel the random bits of information that have been known, on occasion, to spew forth.

[Editor's note: Eww. My apologies for the analogy. Normally I wouldn't allow such lapses in publishing judgment, but it IS her birthday after all. And she's kind of a diva on her birthday. Breaks all sorts of rules this time of year, as you witnessed first-hand yesterday.]

So, anyway. I plan on going sledding and playing in the snow and eating all sorts of scrumptious foods in very large quantities. So I wore black. It's slimming, right? [Editor's note: Ehhhh...slimming, maybe. An invisibility cloak? No.] Paired with a vertically striped sweater to elongate my frame (and to camoflauge the inevitable wideness-o-belly that will ensue today), I think it'll do the trick.

Seriously, you guys, can you tell I'm a little distracted today? And happy? Because it's Christmas Eve!! And we should all be doing something other than peering into our computer screens today.

Happy Friday.


Jennifer said...

Happy 31st Birthday you fabulous fashion queen:)

katieo said...

whatever. black is TOTALLY an invisibility cloak.

heppy berfday!!!


Meredith said...

happy birthday! wow, how was that growing up?? a Christmas eve b-day? fun fun!

RaeLynn said...

Totachucks on invisibility cloak. TOT. Ahh, I'm totally digging this birthday outfit you've got going on. You look gorg. Have the bestest birthday yet!

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