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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leave a message after the beep...

You know those people who chronically leave looonnnnnnnng voicemail messages? Usually about nothing, or, on a good day, about one small thing that could've been summarized in about 6-1/2 words?

Yeah, well, I'm one of Those People. Why?!?! I can't control myself! At the sound of the BEEP, my tongue bolts into small-talk conversation mode ("Hi! How ARE you?! Wait, why am I asking the machine that? I'm so sure, like you're going to answer back? Please. I know this is voicemail. Anyway. I have GOT to tell you something -- this is Brittney, by the way -- asap. Oh, and I forgot to mention something the other day about that one thingggg...") and on and on I go. And that's just breath #1.

You want to hang up, just reading this. Don't you. You must, because I want to hang up on myself. EV.RY. time I get Ms. Voicemail on the other line, I get a little nervous because I'm under her magic never-stop-talking spell. And every time my husband sees me listening to Ms. Voicemail, he rolls his eyes and smirks. Then takes a nap. And when he wakes up, I'm barely hanging up.

Which really isn't fair, though, because HE is a man. HE can call up Ms. Voicemail and, without batting an eye, say after the beep: "Hey, it's Paul. Got a question for you. Call me back." *click*

Whut the whut. No faiiiiirrrrrrr! I TRY to do that. But. I. Can't.

I won't let that happen on blog today, though. Watch this:

You can see what I wore today. I wanted to wear these items because they are (a) comfortable, (b) compatible, and (c) not crusty. And maybe (d) cute. [Editor's note: Alliteration was never my strong point.] Wait, I guess I could've said (c) clean. That sounds a little better.

Remember the red satin polka dot sash I wore here? This is the companion shirt. And since I have two kids' Christmas programs to attend today, I thought it would be appropriately festive. Everything else just kind of hopped out at me, then onto me, from my closet. I LOVE when that happens.

And also. May I please just say, my Unexpected & Maybe Awesome moment of this outfit is the pairing of bright navy flats & necklace with a randomly turquoise headband. TOTally don't really "go." Which is unexpected. And I'm not sure if they even "go" in a these-don't-go-but-it's-still-chic way. They might just "go" in a wow-she's-really-color-blind kind of way. Regardless, it leaves you guessing, doesn't it. Which, to me, makes them maybe awesome.

Aaaaaand...that's a wrap. Tell Ms. Voicemail hello for me. I'm sure she misses me.

Happy Thursday.


Ashley Nicole said...

I LOVE this outfit!!!! Polka-dots are a weakness of mine. :)


Natasha Atkerson said...

Adore the outfit! polka dots are so cute!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

A Slip Shop said...

I'm a fan of the open-cardigan-belt look. It looks great on you with your super small waist.

Jenna said...

I've had many troubles with answering machines. Like the time, I was dazzed and when they answering machine picked up I said something like, "Hey this is Jenna. Leave me a message and I'll call you back..wait no, I'm suppose to leave you a message..." My friend got a big kick out of that one. :)

great outfit! and as far as I can tell like the blue headband with it! I

Hayley said...

really cute blog too!! thanks for coming by!! your house looks incredible i would love to see how you style it!!

Julie said...

fave outfit #2. I would assume it was a warmer day with those tiny shoes & bare ankles? You dare devil December capri wearer you.

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