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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the whole truth & nothing but the truth...mostly...

boots: Target. tights, shirt, & necklace: gifted. skirt: sam's club (wait, sam's club?! is she serious? yes.) trench: F21. scarf: a total tourist shop in Sweden.

The truth is: I love colored tights. These beauties (which I got in the mail yesterday from my cute friend Val) were absolutely my jumping-off point today. Here's the best part about them: they are super-dee-dooper bright. Here's the problem with them: their brightness.

My biggest challenge in starting with such a you-could-see-these-babies-from-space accessory [Editor's note: Are tights accessories? Hmmm...discuss.] was finding a balance of (a) more neutral items so I didn't become a walking disco-ball-o'-blinding-brightness and (b) at least a little bit of color so not ALLLL attention is on my knees.
Because, really. Knees? If that's a Top-10 physical feature, I'm toast.
I considered wearing some chocolate walking shorts with the tights. But I thought the darkness of the brown would be a little jarring right next to this particular shade of blue. Enter: olive corduroy skirt. Not too dark, not too light, not too colorful, not too dull. Just a little too big, but nothing a few safety pins in back couldn't fix.
[Editor's note: Most of my pencil skirts, okay, ALL of them, are too big because I bought them to wear low on my waist. This isn't where pencil skirts should rest! It's way more flattering to have them fit the woman's form (even if you're shaped like a certain square-pants cartoon character, like me--at least TRY to fake it), up higher on the waist. So. I've been tailoring all my skirts to fit...with varying degrees of permanence & success...]
A white cotton v-neck shirt with pretty detailing was a quiet yet feminine addition to an outfit full of solid, fairly masculine pieces. Neutral short trench coat, boots, necklace, and hairstyle. (I wanted to show off the little crimpies in my hair from yesterday's braids...they're subtle here, but I like them.) With the trench belt, aNOTHER belt would be overkill, but the eyelet trim of this shirt is visually interesting without being too bold. Add a feminine, patterned scarf (untied because there's already a lot going on around my neck; I felt like I needed something vertical) that gives purpose to the bright blue tights but in a more toned-down way, and a blue beaded necklace as a bracelet. Done and done.
I dunno, guys. Did it work? Still not sure about this one... 
Happy Wednesday.


Keely said...

Very cute. The scarf was a necessary accessory to tie it all together. I have a hard time styling colored tights but the y are so much fun.

Natasha Atkerson said...

Super cute outfit! I love the tights...the combination...the jean skirt...everything!
Be sure to stop by my blog and join my "Feminine Fashion Week" January 1-7 2011!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Jami said...

Ok I'll admit it (because if you have that little blog tracker feature you may already know) but I am addicted to your new blog. LOVE IT! I LOVE clothes am totally inspired by your creativity. My idea of creativity is just buying something new when I am bored with the old (which unfortunately happens frequently).

As soon as i get back into the blog world (hopefully next week) I am going to do a special post directing my few loyal readers your way.

Jami Hodges

val said...

yes they are very blue. but i knew if anyone could pull them off-you could. i was actually looking for mustard yellow tights (i'm in the market for some myself) but didn't find any.
i think you pulled together another great outfit. keep on keepin on.

A Slip Shop said...

Britt, I really like how you do close-ups to highlight certain aspects of your daily wear. Way to go, girl! I don't recall seeing that elsewhere. I love me some bright tights, too.
A Slip Shop

RaeLynn said...

Funny b/c before I even read your bit at the bottom about not being sure if it worked I was going to tell you that this is one of my faves. Seriously. I love that Val sent you tights. I was going to send you some too. Only she actually followed through with her idea. HEH.

trippingtiffies said...

completely in love with your outfit today!

Brit said...

Tights !!! I love it. I am in that awkward transition from winter to spring weather right now, my heart wants to wear the super cute fashions of spring but my body longs to stay warm. I just love the way you mix and match.

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